January 4th, 2003



conversation from my kitchen a little while ago:
(as microwave pop pop pop's popcorn)
Ed: "Dad? What would happen if I was in the microwave?"
me: "well, it would hurt a lot... you'd cry a whole bunch, then you'd explode and die."
Ed: "oh... then we wouldn't want to do that."
Ed: "Dad? what about if we put a poisonous snake in the microwave?"
me: "well, it would cry a lot... then explode and make a huge mess..."
Ed: "would it be dead?"
me: "yes."
Ed: "well, that would be good right?"
me: "yeah, except who'd clean up the mess?"
Ed: "ewwww... not me!... mmmk... can I have some popcorn now?"

~ more of the "I'm on vacation" easy clothes... sweat pants, sweat shirt.
~ shower
~ not shaving till later in the day
~ ironing a shirt...
~ getting major mondo spiffy for the party tonight.
~ going to the Hilton Hotel at the Casino de Lac Lemee (sp?) (Casino de Hull) for a fancy dress up "holiday dinner party" from work.
~ my friends in New England don't hurt themselves diggin out from all that snow.. .yikes!!!
~ that, come february, when there are 200,000 american sons and daughters in the persian gulf, somebody comes to their senses. I don't know what the solution is but if it's energy everybody wants... why not spend all that money (war = $$) on developing fuel alternatives? Oh right... I forgot... "The Firecracker Principle" If you only have 5 firecrackers and you really want to save them for the big festival you say to yourself, I'm gonna save 'em... then you blow 'em all up 10 minutes later. Have firecrackers... make noise.

So I took a little christmas wish into my own hands and ordered one of [ these ]. I'm not sure if it will even work with Chillcam but where there's a will ... there's a way. :)

There was something else... but I can't remember what? Maybe I'll remember in a bit. :D

See ya.

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jet black shirt ironed
little plastic tabbies inserted in colar
hang'en in the closet.

black suit, two piece waiting with a lint brush.

Sterling Silver tie?
Deep Slut Red tie?

off to polish black shoes...

Have you heard of the game called "Cadoo"??? it's a kids version of Cranium... and it's priceless... we played last night and this morning with Geo. He gets so freaking excited... it's hilarious. :D

ps. Triple X - the movie.
blow things up...
shoot people
blow things up...
swear in a slavik accent
blow things up...
blow things up....
show the girl
blow things up...
... just what the doctor ordered in movie land. :)