January 3rd, 2003



does anyone have any idea who (lj use) has the ip address;

email me at corto@livejournal.com if you have something.


What a great night last night was... why? I dunno... just had a great sleep in, and went to sleep with a big smile. :)

I asked Z to join me in the picture today...
Our first effort was a tad bit on the goofy side... [ click for proof ]

~ gray ftls
~ so dark green treacle they're basically black brushed cotton jeans
~ a beige t with a denim shirt kinda hangin off me. :)
~ round two of the return / exchange parade ... today? Wallmart... yikes.
~ um... bowling? I think ... bowling. :)
~ watching a movie tonight... something with explosions, death, swearing... you know... Not "A walk to remember" which should have been called "A walk to gouge out your eyes so you don't have to watch any more"
~ fixing up a few little mini "corto web site" banners ...
~ you would go visit krizsa's revised web site... it's fantastic.
~ for the world of little Riley, simplyenchanted's little girl, to continue getting better...
~ that I get a chance to talk with nbbmom ... maybe tonight?
~ with a warm little part of my heart that things move along with katie8471 and that you are ok sugar-sweets... (um, and I know it's not ever going to be "ok" but there is a road ahead right... )

So our company (note: luker, landmark and I work for the same company) was bought yesterday. No idea what impact this will have but for now... no biggy. :)

ok... look, this is sucky and all that but I'm scrolling through my friends pages and I am just completely overwhelmed with the desire to reach out... there are so many amazing people on my list and you all manage to breath right into my heart. I really feel like this lj thing is an amazing and wonderful living novel that has new chapters writen every day.

oyi... I gotta get myself going... plenty of stuff to get done on the home front...