January 2nd, 2003



ug... cleaned out the cannister in the central vac...
the sneezing, weezing and sniffling has begun.
fucking dust.

I had one of those crazy real feeling dreams this morning.
It was so real in my head that I was checking CNN for news
about it as I began to grasp that it was only a dream.
I had vividly watched "live footage" of a shuttle launch
that included a view of the huge ass tank (the liquid fuel tank?)
already seperated and both the tank and the shuttle totally lost
upward momentum and we watched, horrified, as it began to
fall back to earth backwards... right up to and including the
explosive crash beyond a rise in the landscape.

It was really kind of a freaky thing...

ps. General George Washington led a secret attack against an inland fort staffed by 1000 Hessian (German mercs) soldiers in the employ of the redcoats on a Christmas eve. This was his famous "Crossing The Deleware" moment.
Trivia brought to you by the good folks at the "Magic Tree House" childrens chapter-reader series... me=loves reading these books to the boys.

morn'en lj

In the news today is word that the company I work for is once again entertaining a take over bid. This could be neutral or bad... not a lot of room for it to be good... time will, as they say, tell all.

First shot at a morning pic included an uber-cute George in the background and a way way dead looking corto in the forground.
[ click for pic ]

~ ok... I don't spend my life in sweat pants and shirt... I'll wear somethin nice after a shower. :D
~ to shower (duh)
~ take Geo over to a friends house for the afternoon.
~ go to a couple of stores on a "returns and exchanges" binge...
~ enjoy a cold but wery wery sunny day (it's snowing to beat the band in Toronto... Ottawa is clear blue and beautiful... go figure)
~ to thank you for the feedback in the poll yesterday... I needed that info. :D The remote cam is back to 320x240 but with a new interface. :D
~ you could all have today and tomorrow off...
~ the boys would stop yelling downstairs...
(nics off to politely ask them to be quiet... hahahaha... yeah that's the ticket... "politely" lol)

Some joker shots off a grenade launcher at a wedding in Kabul, Afghanistan and 5 wedding guests get blowed up.
mmmk. 'nuf said.

um... stephaniekaye has a beautiful smile... just say'en. :)

oh... now there's tears downstairs... must go be dad... See ya. :D