January 1st, 2003



We are so going to suffer today. The kids were in bed till ??? maybe 10:30... I know I didn't get up till 11:00... and now they are ornery like all get out. Oh my god the kids... (kids for sale!!! cheep cheep cheep!)

It's the start of a new year... I wonder what will "change" for me in the land of lj as this time goes by.
You know how they say "the more things change... the more they stay the same"... well, we'll see how that plays out. hmm

~ what ever I could struggle into
~ to get the kids outside and loaded with fresh air... maybe a trip to the woods.
~ dinner at my brothers house tonight... when we had to get rid of our cat (buster) she went to my brothers house... there will be much jonesing after getting buster back tonight. :( but asthma rules the roost here.
~ I had my own copy of the LOTR FOTR Middle Earth Risk Game.
[ click the pic ]

~ it was actually a really fun game
~ that I don't read any sad stories of of new years eve accidents in my friends pages!!

It's a new year! are you reading this but not on my friends list? any chance you'll say "hi"... no really... come on...

:D Morning Images...

a short poll about the morning pictures...

I've reset the remote cam image size to "smaller".
I also posted the morning pic as a smaller image.

Poll #88148 morning pics

Do you think the morning post pics are too big (320 x 240)

don't care...
do'em smaller for a while and I'll let ya know.