December 31st, 2002



morning... me = bit of a head ache... I think it's my bodys way of trying desperately to not be a sick boy... and failing. Sinus pain is the worst. !

Advil... hot HOT HOT shower... these are the pathways to a better vibe.

~ red sweat shirt...
~ gray ftls...
~ sox...
~ shower .... must get to shower.
~ chipping away at the world outside...
~ on writing a bit of a new years message thing...
~ not sure what to do tonight... possibly play Middle Earth Risk with my bro, nephew, sSIL ("s" for "sorta"), Z and geo... we'll see.
~ for good health to find it's way into nbbmom's house...
~ that the universe would ease up already and smile on sillz and her hubby for a bit.
~ to congratulate miss lisa (ladyfire) for having such a great attitude about the prospects for 2003.

It rained last night... but it was sooo cold that it all froze into a thick layer of evil on the universe outside my window. No really... I'm talking an inch or two of solid ice on the road in front of my house... I'm not going anywhere!!! (and we need milk!).

Ok shower boy is busy... see ya. :D