December 27th, 2002



yawn.... still on holidays...
stretch.... it's the official "bridge" ... the time between christmas and newyears that our office is closed. Yeah!
scratch.... time to be lazy and shower late. :)

LOOK! See her? That's kimberly27616...her hubby-man (nordican) is just finishing up in shower land. So Kimber got in the morning pic zone. :D

We had such a great night last night I'm almost lost for a good description. I love embracing the comfort of getting together with someone that is so closely a part of my heart. Keith and Kimberly are just the nicest friends. :D

~ wake up sweats...
~ to make a big mess of pancakes
~ a shower and shave ...
~ to go to The Two Towers with some friends tonight. :D
~ Kimberly and Keith could stay longer...

More later... for now... it's back to being a host.

See ya.