December 25th, 2002



Merry Ho Ho
~ brand new kitchenaid coffee maker making corto a happy coffee addict. :D

~ new santa sox! :D
~ kahki cargos
~ b.u.m. equip dk blue t
~ and my new p-z beige turtleneck.
~ well, it's christmas and all ... so it's a family day. :D
~ for my friends to enjoy their holiday and christmas.
~ for my 8-crazy-day's buddies to be patient with us tree / fat elf worshiping zelots...
~ that my friends Kimberly and Keith have a safe trip to our house tomorrow. :D

Santa was very nice to my boys... :D They're running on hitherto untapped resources of energy and excitement. :D

I've a busy busy day ahead so I'll see ya later.

Peace out muchachos et muchachas... :D