December 22nd, 2002


ni ni

"life, or something like it" was a pretty nice movie to watch... I almost got past her being blonde. :D

Bed time... and that huge ass plate of nachos at 1:00 have left me with killa indigestion. :(*

see ya. :)


(ps. I fried yesterdays picture... snapping todays... :D)
ah vel...

Happy lazy sunday.

~ more wake up sweats...
~ shower...
~ clothes
~ advil... yeah... head achy today.
~ 3 more sections of the RFP and I'm done! then I can truly embrace the notion of time off.
~ need to zoooooooooom off to a store... fingers have been doing all the walking but I think I've got it nailed down.
(that's cryptic santa talk, btw)
~ to make more kifli dough... need to have fresh fresh cookies when Kimberly (kimberly27616) gets here... :)
~ a major change to my web site (at over the holidays... fun fun fun... I like geeking out. :D
~ well, for starters that I didn't have this head ache.
~ that I was going to LOTR tonight ... but alas... earwax.*
~ that I get the chance to make the birthday wish zone today... there are five - 5! - birthdays today on my friends list. :D

Now, however, I must away... apparently someone (read: child) decided it would be a good idea to toss a bag of stuff into the garage as if it were garbage... :( not sure what that's about but I'm about to find out. :D

* one of my fav "hey copy that" lines from the first Harry Potter Movie...


Happy Birthday Rhonda...

dorkgirl is an Alaska girl... and has been a friend for so long in lj that I feel like we used to go to school together or something. :D

Happy Birthday sugar and may you find yourself forgiven, loved, hugged and satisfied... A tall order maybe, but this is going to be a great year. :D


Happy Birthday Tara

Today is burntflowers birthday...

A dead ringer - when she tries - for Lola of "run lola run" fame... and a sweet girl that I have had the pleasure to meet several times. Now if I could just get her a job in geek land... she'd be all set. :D

Happy Birthday sugar... and enjoy your trip this holiday season and have a wonderful year. I look forward to new beginings for you and grand results!!


Happy Birthday Jess!!

Today is jesthestar's brithday....

A woman of no small amount of charm.... oh lord. Happy birthday sugar. I hope you find life with dark hair is a life filled with happy memory making moments. This year is already shaping up to be a year of new beginings and I hope you find the strength to carry yourself through to the greatest of conclusions.

You are an exceptionally precious woman and I do very much hope for you to find all the happiness you can hold.


Happy Birthday Lynners...

It's lynspin's birthday.

You sure have been through a lot this year. I'm hoping with all of my heart that you are able get through the holiday season with a great spirit and make wonderful memories.

Have a great year and I look forward to our continued friendship. :D


head ache in resession

mild numb zone from advil

sore throat has receeded... (does a happy dance)

and I went to a massive shopping mall today with Ed so he could sit on santa's lap and so I could price out a few things...


Now the boys and I are gonna go make a couple of home made pizza's for dinner...

See ya.


Happy Birthday Jodilyn

ahhh the many moods, modes and ass-pects of a girl, her cam, her main squeeze and, of course, her Bob.

Happy Birthday Jojo.... I hope you make the most of this year and that it makes the most of you and vince.
Good health, great happiness and being close to your friends... these are my hopes for your year. :D