December 19th, 2002



The boys got hair cuts yesterday... so the cutest boys in the world just got cuter... :)

wow... look... I'm two people. No really... I'm totally conflicted today. I have a really goofy great vibe bubbling inside... the sort of vibe that leads to much appreciation of the little things and burning love zones... this, however, is somewhat in conflict with an underpinning of unease. Maybe unease isn't right... it's something... (note: I've typed a paragraph three times and deleted it trying to get it right on the explain-myself thing).

I think I'll load up ma fav cube mates today and see if I can burn through the weirdo vibe and find the good vibe in full force... :)

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ this three tone long sleeve top (beige, red, blue) ...ok they're colours, not tones... and yeah, I'm a walking advert... it's a p-z top
~ uber comfy sox. :D
~ well it's the end (thank god) of Survivor 5 tonight... 2 hour special with another hour of a "reunion show" to follow. :D
~ I have to write 6 sections of an RFP bid today... 'cause tomorrow is NOT going to be productive.
~ prep a graphic for another team... so it's a bunch of Illustrator next!
~ you could see into my heart... 'cause you'd see a great (roll that R like yer an extra in Braveheart) big warm smudgy spot ... Thank you Michelle... no1topaz
~ that my friend easilydistractd has a digital camera so she can snap a pic of her roomies sorta-body-part that was left on the door step... being used as a mouse pad wrist support. :D
~ to shoot a little congrats out to katie8471... :)
~ for all of stephaniekaye's dreams to find their way past her minds eye and into her hands as the next few days click into yesterdays...
~ that The nbbmomNotorious Kym enjoys (or at least stays awake for) the pedicure... :D
~ for the "holding sweet Brianna" vibe to keep on making my friend sylph feel so wonderful.
~ one more wish... becuase it's a must... and it's that I hope your mom is ok sugar Kath... and that somehow... your wishes for 2003 come true. I wish I could be more help sweets.

I miss Heather... ebean

k... I gotta git... too much to do.
See ya.
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lj birthday boy...

Happy Birthday Rob

Today is landmark's birthday...

You know...
This guy;

Y'all kinda drew him into lj a year ago and he's never looked back.

Happy Birthday Rob... take care on your trip to Thai Land (hide the souls of your feet yo!)
and come back in one piece.

I do hope you find yourself ever closer to the girl on the end of the string that is wrapped
around your heart as this next year moves into the past.

ps. you need to post a picture of your tat...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Rob... Happy Birthday to you.

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The world of her love hides behind the curtain of my eyelids
Her sweet voice replaced by the intrusion of beeps
That draw me up from the pool of her embrace
Only to leave me gasping for breath
Struggling to find the real world
And trying to find focus on the red digits
That flash noisily before my still sleeping eyes
Gone, again, until a passing day lets my heart look
Once more for the mental caress of hands that pull me
A mouth that opens and breaths pure love across my heart.

corto 02

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Today's all done... got an amazing amount of stuff done... but alas... not enough to right off tomorrow. (crap).
Now I'm heading out into freezing rain and roads crawling with danger. fun eh.

I think I'll put off that trip to a store.

It's mighty ick outside.

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oh, and btw... I had to rotate the file names for the cam pages tonight... so anyone with hard links to the image names is kinda toasted... :D