December 18th, 2002



Morn'en... goofy picture... it's like a hydrogen bomb is busy exploding in my front yard... zzzzzzap of white! :D

after my fingers stop twitching from the c c c c c c cold I might be able to type.
I need fresh crack!

~ black ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ white 3WV t under a big warm comfy turtleneck
~ ack... it's three days from the begining of a two week vacation and I'm freaking swamped with work.
~ West Wing is a repeat tonight... but Enterprise is new. :D
~ that Z stays the course on this getting better thing... and lets me kiss her tummy... (just 'cause) :D
~ that I get a chance to check lj birthdays today... I must be behind... :)
~ to send a g'moring cuddle out to my friend kaar
~ and hopes for teacher-girl nutmeg... my little Nut Meg... to feel better... damn cold. :**(
~ happy slightly late birthday to your papa lothie and elliriel... and yeah, that's just me trying to demo the notion that I have the connection firmly implanted now. :D
~ that I get a chance to call thatthingido and figure out a plan!
~ for time to talk to my treasure-girl... kimberly27616kimberly90210
~ and lastly, the my pal nbbmom keeps on enjoying the vacation and that she has a ball tonight... gets a ball / has a ball... s'all the same sometimes... (a 2 litre pepsi???)

Hey... I wanted to send a shout out to a new friend ... livingnloving... good morning sugar.
... and another to cherripop212. It's great to make new friends and feel the vibe. :)

People waste a lot of time in meetings...

Product Idea;

Ok... this is a standard 4 line sign board;

Now what I'm looking for is a battery powered sign about this size...
with a few buttons on the front.

What would you do with this signboard? you might ask yourself... Well, let me tell you!

You would push the buttons to enter the number of people in a meeting.
You would punch in the basic round numbers salary for each employee... like 50, 75, 100 or whatever.
They you push GO and plop it in the middle of the table.

It would then begin counting how much the meeting is costing... minute by minute...

I'm thinking this would be a great way to get people to hurry the fuck up at a meeting!!!