December 13th, 2002



Morn'en... what totally nutty start for a friday... I mean, TGIF and all that... but sheesh
Woke up wondering why the alarm wasn't going off... Not a good sign.
Was up at 5 ish to get Z some cough meds... and when I woke wondering about the alarm,
well, the look on that sleeping girls face rather clearly let me know that she wasn't waking up.

So after quietly speeding through the wake up zone with George *(it was 7:38 and his bus comes
at 8:11... I managed to get myself ready, him fed and his lunch made... then in a moment of weakness
he kinda reacted to my rushing him through all his morning stuff...
"But I want to play my game boy!!!" LOUD
(quietly) "shhhh... Mom and dad did not buy you that game boy so you could get frustrated about it!"
"YOU DIDN'T BUY IT." (not quiet 'nuf for me...) "SANTA BROUGHT IT"
(oh shit....)
me: "Whatever... go brush your teeth."
and then he goes stomping up the stairs making just enough noise to wake his brother up and Z. (RATS!)

Any ways... I got him off to the bus and ... the topper... as I speed out the door, (after setting Ed up with
TV in the bedroom with a sorta sleeping Z) I manage to spill my car cup of coffee "up" my arm...
(please imagine me saying ouch, shit, and fuck... dancing around the front hall totally freaking out... QUIETLY. blech.

Ok... Fiona Apple is helping to settle me down... (oh, and she does get a low growl from me... just sharing... :D)

~ pic pic... black
~ green hains 'cause its just too freaking cold out there baybeee
~ b.u.m. equipment jeans [ click for the friday jeans picci ]
~ maroon t with a denim shirt.
~ work got mental yesterday... and it's not going to let up
~ more bid (huge RFP) work
~ prepping a proposal to present IN MONTREAL on monday.
~ write a S5 update at lunch...
~ rent a movie tonight?? yeah... something fun to watch...
~ that things are ok with my friend lynspin
~ to send out a big "Happy 15 Days To Go" day to no1topaz :D
~ for small but wonderful things to sneak up and bit my sugar in Toronto (lakme)
~ happy 2 months-under-your-belt with lil'Jarod to my friend debby !!
~ and a little smooch across the ocean to my friend movingforward... why? just 'cause.
~ a welcome back from the land of frustration to my friend easilydistractd

Ok... me - the boy that needs to get killa busy writing stuff for the boss...

As always... the [ corto werk-cam ] is on :D

see ya! :D
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Rebel Assignment #13:
Go out in vast numbers and trick Gap employee's into saying Merry Christmas.