December 9th, 2002



Well, for me, this pic is a keeper... look at his cute little missing toof smile... :D I am in awe of how much this small event (the losing of that tooth) is forcing my brain, and my heart, to internalize how much my little guy is growing up.

"Woke up, fell out of bed, dragged a comb across my head...." Totally late wake up ... 8:18 and booom! Everybody's late. Do the morning routine and drive Geo to school and boogie to work.

The drive to work was populated with, in order of appearance, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, The Beatles and The Doobie Brothers.... I'm thinking it's a classic rock kind of a day. :D

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ b.u.m. equip dk blue t with the txt v-neck sweater... :D (I likes)
~ brand spanking* new not-white-tube-sox that really make my feet smile...
~ a trip to a post office... for several gazillion more stamps...
~ project time sheets...
~ three different bid reports and - if pigs could fly - get my expense reports done.
~ to write a special birthday note...
~ to ask kitykity... is that any way to treat an angel?
~ for my friend jessarose to feel a whole bunch better... right away! :)
~ that a chilly bowl of sugar spaimy warms up! k'mere... lets see if i can help... :D
~ for a good "first day at work" for my precious friend shann
~ to tell tonya ... honey? It's the lack of insulation... must be... :)
~ that something would give and let a friend - designdiva find a stress free world to relax in ...
~ a little good luck out today to eiffelgirl... you know... just 'cause.

I got fresh crack... I have an amazing family... a job I love (love to hate sometimes, but that's ok)... and... wonderful friends.
This is nice.

See ya later skaters...

ps. hifidelity steriophonic...


I just wanted to take a second and add a little something to my morning wishes
but I didn't want to just edit the post... in case it's too far past and gets missed.

~ for all my friends to send some encouraging words to a good friend who is waiting on news that her husband will be ok.
~ my prayers are with you sillz and with your husband.
~ it's a good time of year for small miracles...
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LJ Birthday Baby...

Happy Birthday Sugar-Kriz!!!!

Today is krizsa's birthday... She's ma favorite cube-buddy!

Do you know here? We could all be so lucky...

It's been a few years since I had the good fortune to come across this woman... [ last years birthday message ]

She's a woman with a beautifully crafted web site... but more importantly, she is a woman with interesting things to say and an interesting life to frame her words.

interesting factoid: I copied the wearing, planning, wishing thing from an inspiration in her journal...

There are a lot of wonderful peeps that I have had the chance to get to know in journal land or across the wires in general... but there is a short list of people that have inspired me and held my interest for no other reasons that the knowledge that I am better off for having the connection. I genuinly thank my lucky stars for having the chance to get to know this girl. :D

Now on the good stuff... It's "Lets celebrate the Sugar-Kriz Birthday with some pictures!!!" time;

Sugar-Kriz kinda makes you smile... doesn't she.

[ funny how "contrast" makes you wonder where the shirt is... ]

[ a hard day at work... or is that the afternoon nap trying to take hold? ]

[ and, of course, a little halloween action! ]

[ um... my boss is watching the cam, so I'm just gonna look happy and work! ]

[ no... not the first picture I ever saw of her... but meow none-the-less!!! :D ]

[ and you know she was a dancer... ]

All kidding aside...
Happy Birthday sugar-kriz... I hope you have a wonderful year ahead and that you
celebrate this occasion with good friends and warm hearts. Please accept my
heart felt thanks for your friendship and I look forward to keeping in touch for a
long long time... :D

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Krisza... Happy Birthday to you.


me = smiling...

I love getting cards, christmas or otherwise from my friends...

and cards from the farthest reaches of the world,
while not necessarily better than cards from next door,
are still kinda special!!

Thanks Stephanie... (stephiechai)
It's a beautiful card and I would sorely love to visit someday. :D