December 7th, 2002



ug... watched Austin Powers Goldmember last night... that was a lot of movie... and the dvd extras were cool... inifinimovie?!!
oh and the japanese twins... (looks at list... yup...)

But then... fell asleep on the sofa.... woke with Geo's late night wake-up-call-for-daddy and ended up asleep on his bed all night... Z and I both found our own bed at like 7:00 am... Then up again with the boys at 8:30.

Going to have to watch Lilo and Stitch again today before we return it.

~ rhymes with goop... oh wait... it is goop... eye goop...
~ wake up sweats...
~ well, washing my face...
~ hell, a whole shower.
~ dress...
~ go out and get an ATX form factor computer case and PS for the re-build of the kids computer.
~ that whatever ails my pal indianasweetie to leave off and let her be in a happy place...
(truly... she's a precious friend... do you know her? flight attendant... very bendy... smart like all get out... very pretty...)
~ ironic or not... it's always a treat to see galebird on my friends pages...
~ hoping for better health to catch up with misskris... along with those Oompa Loompas...
~ to send congratulations to my friend starliteangel1 on her engagement!!! :D wohoooo....

had a wee interuption in my post process as my mom has come over for a visit... she's downstairs watching lilo and stitch with the boys... and I'm heading for the shower.
She came over with cookies from a christmas bake sale... :D

I may not mention this much ... but I have phenominal parents... my father, a bear - loveable and full of love but still a stern guy - as I grew up has softened into the sweetest grandpa you can imagine and my mother has always been an angel barely able to hide her wings from the common folk. :D

Ok... I'm off... see ya.

ps. mom just told me about a story my grandma used to tell her about my dad... and how he loved singing the Sino song at church. Do you know the Sino song? You know... it goes like this... "Jesus loves me, this Sino...."

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ok... me - going mental.

who is julie wilson?

email me at


(thanks for any clues)

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ack... wadda day.

eating a 87 lb sub from quizno's is prol'y gonna cost me in the morning... :)

built the kiddies computer today.

They had one... but it was kinda tanked... and constently 'caused trouble.

So I started with a new mother board and video card.

Then realized the case I was gonna salvage wouldn't work so I went and got a new case.

Then I realized the CPU I was gonna salvage wouldn't work either... so back I go to get a new one.

I did manage to salvage plenty and having bought a new case, board, cpu and vid card... I guess it hardly matters. :)

There really is a zen quality to building a computer.

Any ways... time to play with kids some more... and then shuffel them off to bed.

See ya.