December 6th, 2002



Ok... so I took the day off work today... and ended up with more to do today than if I'd gone to work. ah well.. the joys of the season and all that... stuff just need'en to get done.

~ gray haines bb's
~ blue jeans
~ p-z short sleeve shirt... must MUST pick our a sweater ... brrrr!
~ [ friday butt shot! ]
~ to take about Z's computer and find which fan is dying...
~ go to computer geek parts store with the boys to buy parts for their computer and a new fan for Z
~ out to lunch with the boys...
~ play outside...
~ fix computers...
~ work on christmas cards..
~ write a Survivor update...
~ rent a movie (goldmember?)
~ for peace and the comfort of family to overtake my most precious friend in Burbank... kristylicious you and your family are almost always in my thoughts... but now 'specially.
~ that ladonne enjoys the wheels!!! :D
~ for hives to vacate my pal nutmeg... "hives be gone!!"
~ for a stripping telegram fireman type dude to show up in sparklegrrl's office... 'cause I think she could use a break huh! :D
~ for good things to sneak up and nibble on bardiva because ... well just because...
~ and for all things preggers related to continue to be good for my friend incarnation

I had that massage yesterday... um... why is this not mandatory treatment for all living beings weekly?
shannon the massage girl: "so we're just going for a relaxation massage today ??"
me: "well yeah... the work on that shoulder was stellar but this is all about getting past some stress..."
shannon: "great... ok let's start on your legs..."
me: "and we won't forget the butt right?"
shannon: "oh yes... lets just adjust the linens... there... "
shannon: "hows that?"
me: ............................................sigh.

Okidoki... I gotta get busy... see ya.


well... the day has been busy!!!

We managed to get all of our passport photos done... in anticipation of the late-february trip to see mickey, did lunch at McDeaths, bought geek parts, went taboganing (sp?), and many other sundry things...

Now? the kids are watching Lilo and Stitch (punch buggy!!) and I'm about to dive into the S5 update. :D

Fridays... the busiest day of the week..

(oh, and we have Goldmember to watch tonight... widescreen and big glorious sound... :D)

Survivor 5 Udate!!!

Survivor V : Update

Careful... She’s gonna Blow!

Wherein skinny white folk and a scary night stick boy prove that the meek shall indeed inherit the earth... the meek, malnourished, emaciated, and mostly dead looking, that is.. Oh and Dom Jeff gets to torture new blood...

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well... we kinda just ignored the clocks today... um... tonight.

It's what? 10:17 and the kids are just a'bed now... it'll be a bit before they're asleep.

Late lunch leads to a late dinner, and much play leads to a late bath.

The the surprise... I'm ( TMI, I know) taking a crap while the kids are in the bathtub... and while I'm busy telling the boys to stop arguing (man, does it every echo in the bathroom) a mini-super-ball [ this is exactly what it looks like, btw ] goes shooting across the room and there is dead silence.

me: "George! I thought I told you to stop putting that in your mouth?"
Geo: "My toof came out!"
me: (thinking he's kidding) "ok... look... wait a sec and I'll get off the can..."
Geo: "no... my toof came out!" (stepping out of bath towards mirror...)
me: (catches a slightly sideways view of Geos mouth... blood! plenty of it) "Come here!" ('cause you know the second he sees the blood, this is gonna get goofy...)

One of his already loose front teeth came out... all is well and the tooth is under his pillow waiting for the magic.

Now it's time for me to do a few more christmas cards and then watch Goldmember...

See ya.