December 5th, 2002



So you're getting a little snow down in "it hardly ever snows here" land... bet it's all pretty and stuff... bet the radio is saying "Stay off the roads".... you know why? because, contrary to most peoples thinking in your land... you are supposed to change the way you drive an automobile when there is ICE ALL OVER THE PLACE. Of course, Bob and Dougs AutoBody Heaven is basking in the glory of 'nuf-work-to-pay-for-christmas.

~ a bit of a grimmace actually... but I have crack and way way too much work... so smiles a'comming.
~ dk green haines bb's
~ beige p-z jeans
~ cream t and a big dk blue turtleneck.
~ take my beast (car) in at 11:30 for a lock fix (planned thing...)
~ expense report? why do I never get to this?
~ write a couple of reports...
~ write a couple of emails that need writing...!
~ go for a massage after work... (see corto smile)
~ watch Survivor tonight...
~ that the world was less complicated...
~ for my friend reens to get over her flu so she can get back to being her little mommy self with baby dan.
~ for rainmaker clients to bang down the door at my kimberly27616kimberly90210's house... so she can say bu-buy to the demon.

me? got lots to say... time? no. not yet...
later skaters... :D


yeah... so I had this thought... well, I had it a while ago and made a post about it forever ago...

You know how computer trojan virus client / server hacks work? The hacker gets a server program on your computer somehow and then uses a client component to make the server program do things on / to / from your computer.

You know how those computer racing car games can be played with a force feedback steering wheel? Have you ever seen one of those force feedback steering wheels in action... yeee gods... they got the shake, jiggle and studder thing down hard core...

OK... so mix these two ideas up a bit... and I was thinking, you could lean back against your force feedback steering wheel and a remote user could use a client / server program to give you a back rub...

Then I started thinking about force feedback joysticks...

Then I started to giggle and had to stop.

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Carl Douglas!!!! I'm said Carl Douglas!!

gimmi some-o-that... :D

Door locks work again on my little beast and I'm eating McDeath for lunch... but two double cheeseburgers for $2 is hard to beat... :D and I mean... there's soooo much nutrician wrapped up in that little package... (~ snicker)
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ok that's it... I'm done with work for today...

tomorrow? taking that off to be a homeboy. :D

I am currenlty listening to Kenny Rogers singing about gambling... and the desire to sing outloud around my headphones is pretty powerful... of course, sudden death would surely follow from the coworker zone... lol!

randomness (not motivated by anything in particular)

~ my very first actual moment of exposure to Livejournal was about three years ago while filling my breaks at work pouring through the "web site journals" at ana voog and steph (punquin). I used to load up their web cams at work and read their journals... the web cam part was fun for a bit but got boring... while the journals were actually interesting... then all of a sudden they were independantly blabbing about this new thing that let them record their "thoughts of the moment" .... eventually there was a comment in ana's journal that I actually wanted to comment on... I had never ever commented in anything anywhere at that point and was feeling very wicked shy about it... but when I tried... it refused... saying I needed to have an account to leave a comment. So I made a corto account.... and LJ user 6795 was created.

~ I'm sensing a really huge ass rant building inside about the issue I see popping up as people criticize web-blogers and journalers and message boarders, etc.... as if these net-aware people somehow don't have a life because they are not normally unplugged. As if the fucking losers that watch TV all day and night or slosh it up in bars with so-called friends night after night are somehow better... and that their "let them stagger out of a bar to their car" friends are more real than net-met friends. But I gotta get so this rant is gonna have to germinate a bit. ?????

Later muchachos et muchachas.


let's see... I found my long lost "good" nail file... yeah.

I have Friends and Survivor on tape ready to watch.

The kids are finally a'bed and seem to be staying put.

There is fresh coffee in my world and I think I might be able to stay awake long enough to enjoy all of the above.

I hope your world is doing ok...

And asskicka... "That's a helluva hullabaloo"

and dockdiva... just sending out warm hearted vibes...

Ok... time to file my nails, drink some coffee and watch survivor. :)

See ya.

[ edit: slight delay in plans... patiently waiting to start watching S5 ]