December 4th, 2002


Morn'en lj.

(random bennefit of doing morning posts... I always type wednesday correctly now... - not always the case...lemmi tell ya! :D)

~ black ftls
~ khaki, kinda heavy, cotton cargos
~ p-z long sleeve with a big comfy dk blue sweater.... (layers.... layers...)
~ to go (in 2 minutes) into a 2 hour meeting to discuss the big rfp
[ edited to remove a work ref from public post ]
~ after that? stress client reports and geek work
~ after that? smoke... (yeah yeah... I know)
~ then try desperately to get caught up in paperwork...
~ it's a West Wing night!!! :D
~ that the day today is a calm and very successful day for my friend txgirlie and her hubby man... (you are in my thoughts sugar)
~ for peace and "dreamy thoughts" to come back to my friend dreamy_thoughts
~ and for alicenwndrln to have all the best fortune in her effort to day... I hope you get the part!!! :D
~ oh and a shout out to a friend... pookfreak ... just because... :D

Crazy nutty traffic today... and everything is so damn cold is silly. brrrrrr....
I'm certain there is something I'm forgetting but I gotta gotta jet... so I'll see ya all later. :D

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dunno if this will post...

lj is acting up on me...

but... today worked.... well, I worked and today went well.
This is a big plus considering how intrepid I was feeling about the whole deal.

Now it's over and I'm on my way home to a West Wing night.


oh, and ps. krizsaSugar-kriz is a great cube mate. :D