December 2nd, 2002



My web server is giving me trouble again... the Cam pages and stuff are still up and working but performance seems messed up... blech. I absolutely have to get my upgrades done on that server... grrrrr...

It's sunny sunny sunny outside today... and for December 2 (corrected :D thanks Ed)... that means c-c-c-c-c-c-cold! and, of course, my desk at work is situated in some magical location being the vortex of every cool and cold draft in the building. See the white boy shiver. :D

~ black ftls
~ "so dark green they're black, like treacle, brushed cotton jeans" (and I say all that cause I like to mmmmk.)
~ 3WV Tshirt and a big comfy turtleneck.
~ time sheet hell at work.
~ new office computer arrives today... (going to scream things that sound like "yeah" at some point)
~ must work on updating apache on my home server tonight... must must must!!!!
~ that all is well with my friend reens and her little weeks old baby... Z and I have to come and see you this week...
~ that eiffelgirl feels better today... You're not preggers are you?
~ and just some warm friendly vibes out to elliriel and her dad... hoping all stays nicely on the healing track.
~ for and update from ly... (mondays don't really start till I know how you are sugar mommy-to-be.

Happy Birthday wishes, although a day latem, out to some friends...

hakuai (Nov 28) oh I sorry I missed this.... I hope your world gave you a memorable moment for your birthday and that this next year brings you health and happiness. Have a great year sugar.

alicenwndrln (Dec 1) ... I know I'll be able to see you in movies but it would be nice to see you in person some day... Have a wonderful year and I hope you enjoyed your birthday. :D

_jamielynne_ (Dec 1) ... so you're what? 25 now? Happy late birthday Jamie. You've such a wonderful family and I hope that they did you up right for the birthday and left you feeling like a million... something you certainly deserve. Have a grand year and enjoy that basement!!! (can't help thinking wow about the house stuff) :D

user (Dec 1) 28 weeks since you posted ... I know you wont see this... but it was interesting to be a friend of yours over that last year and see how things were going. I hope someday you come back and let me know how it all turned out.

katie_buttons (Dec 2) Happy Birthday ya nut! haha... I hope you have a ball and that this year brings you into the arms and hands of loving friends and friends that love. Enjoy this part of life Sugar... (pssst... and I hope you feel better today.)

Have a grand day muchachos et muchcachas...