November 30th, 2002


morn'en lj

a mild day... and a busy day ... of course, some blazing sunlight would be nice... but then I guess it'd be cold as hell... so I'll take mild and cloudy for now. :D

~ very old and grungy wooly sox over my tongue and teeth...
~ a shrink wrap cover over my brain...
~ wake up sweat pants and hoodie.
~ a shower... most definately a nice hot shower.
~ quick shopping thing... maybe visit the new future shop in the mall near here.
~ cleaning... cooking... and prepping for...
~ having our 'every two month' get together with friends tonight... This time it's at our house... :D
~ we're making potstickers!! :D
~ that this nagging kinda headache thing would go away...
~ to send out a happy birthday message to Jordy (that would be shann's little snuggle bun.
~ big hugs and wishful hugs to my faraway friend dallandra... I know you need a break sugar... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
~ and a wee bit of a sympathetic shoulder for sandcat... watching Geo deal with asthma is enough to soften me to anyones asthma problems... I hope you are ok...
~ to share a chuckle with kitiara... re: webb ... and barbara's comment... bwaahahahaha...
~ oh, and a hearty "go you" to cherdoo .... :)
~ and some "wish I could say something useful, but I nothing covers it" to haela... just some warm friendly vibes mmmk?

Ok... time for that shower.
see ya.


Guaranteed fun: go into your local big box grocery store... approach anyone that works there and ask "do you know where I will find Matza Meal on the shelves?" They glaze right over and essentially become fluffy bunny rabits in the headlights... ya know?

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farquing evil bastard dangly icicle style messed up hard to hang and when one goes out the whole strand dies pieces of collective poop christmas lights are finally up... put up in the rain, sleet and snow no less...

ga!~ my preferance... and I will get my way NEXT year... is for a single strand of a solid colour (like purple) to trim the house frame...

~ must go take advil... it's been one of those days. :D