November 28th, 2002


Morning lj

cold... brrrr.... ack winter and the inevitable "wait for the car to warm up" time is upon us... blech.

~ gray ftls
~ thick (read: warm) cotton cargos
~ freshly washed but same-shirt-as-yesterday...
~ and a nice warm fleece pull-over.
~ to bolt out the door
~ to stay at a show all day again
~ to watch tonight the survivor stuff I taped last night.
~ that I get a chance to catch up with my friends...

kristylicious!!!! I couldn't get to it last night... but I will before 4:00 EST....

Dear Mr. Sorkin;

Please work Ainsley Hayes back into the script!

Thank you.

Gotta jet my friends... I'm running late.

(no subject)

Ok so I'm just say'en... I'd kinda think that it would be the exceptionally old people driving cars that would be likely to speed... considering they have so little time left and so little to loose. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooo.... They just have to drive 5 freaking miles an hour.

Booth? down and returned to office...

Did you know that Dice are legal in canada again? hmmm... we went into the casino as we finished packing up and three of us plopped down twenty dollars on our fav game of chance... (me - craps) and we all walked awy 15 minutes later winners... (this is probably notable because the chances are slim to none that we would all be winners - mind you, we're talking doubling twenty is only walking away with fourty bucks...)

Now it's time to follow up on all the leads from the show. :D

How are ya? I've missed you guys... :D

Time for a coffee and to pour over office mail for a while.
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