November 26th, 2002



Ok going to bed at 3:45 is just not good mojo. And getting up to go back to work is kinda hard... nuh? Today is a kicken busy day, but hardly compares to how busy the next two days will be... so please forgive my extended absence from comments etc. :D A busy corto is a gainfully employed corto and that is a very good thing.

My little George has the most productive evil sounding cough in the world.... He's home today with his mommy to take care of him... I hope my little family is ok today.

~ black ftls
~ khaki cotton cargos
~ gray t with a txt v-neck
~ to wander around looking like a zombie
~ to give a dry run presentation to sales staff (demo stuff)
~ go to bank and pick up some paperwork
~ tear down booth (and geek toys) and move it to the Casino d'Hull Hotel for the setup thing...
~ go for a massage tonight.... if I can get there
~ sleep... oh god please let me find sleep tonight...
~ for a chance to get my christmas card zone together... do I have your address? NO SERIOUSLY! If you don't email me at with your snail mail address how am I supposed to send you a christmas card?
~ to point out that applelard is my most very favourite librarian in the world... ... er... ok, so mostly it's her journal and her hair that I like so much... :D
~ that my friend txdevil doesn't get too bad of a cold... (get better sugar...)
~ to smile and wave at my friend misskris... she's not only a wonderful girl... she is apparently getter even better... (of this I have no doubt!)
~ to send up a balloon for princessapril... that's a huge milestone sweetie... taking down the crib is the begining of a whole new phase. (*big smiles for you*)
~ that someday I will get to jump into the arms of a most likely surprised inspectorjury and make him feel all odd about being hugged by some goofy boy. Why? Just because he's a particularly good man and everybody should be hugged by people that appreciate them... regardless of the details.
~ a quick hope and wish for my dear friend kimberly276161kimberly90210 ... about work stuff... about confidence... patience... persistance... and love, of course.
~ and a quick wish for jennfromtx to have fewer doubts and more understanding of a busy corto.

Happy Birthday Amy and Toy!!!!!

[ click for an embarassing moment of me singing Happy Birthday to these ladies... ]
(it's a 100k - small - mp3 file)
Just a quick Happy Birthday out to two very wonderful women, dailymom and topazgrrl... friends that deserve a great year to be ahead of them!
dailymom with the unlikely and precious name of Toy (I love that name btw) and topazgrrl both had babies this year... both boys... they both live in warmer places than I do! and they have the most wonderful hearts.
I hope this year turns things around with the families career paths Toy and that we are able to stay in touch. I am so very happy we met here!
And Amy... you know that my heart aches for you to have wonderful turns of fortune... and my wishes are for them to pile up on you this year.
Happy Birthday to you both. :D

See ya later skaters... :D


~ work stuff is looking good for this show thing... we'll see how savy the attendees are tomorrow.
~ You know... I could say "President Bush is a moron." at work and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get fired. Of course, I don't work for President Bush's sweaty little whipping boy.
~ I have to be up and at'em all early and stuff tomorrow... I'm basically a zombie now from all this lack-of-sleep thing going on. So I think I really oughtta go to bed early tonight...

Jenny was sweet
She always smiles for the people she meet

~ night.