November 25th, 2002



Dreams... too many dreams... wanted to stay in bed. But now I'm here and today is gonna be busy hardcore.

I gotta laugh at this promo a local Rock Radio station is running... We have a "sun media" paper in town that has a "page three" girl... who, by popular demand, is relegated to the second last page of the paper, btw)... The XFM morning show dudes are going to hire one of this weeks (well, monday - thursday actually) page three girls based on people faxing in votes to become a member of the Morning Show team. How totally fucked up is that? I mean... ignore the re-enforcement of unrealistic steriotype based reward systems for a minute... THIS IS RADIO... how the hell are we supposed to know if sounds like ASS or not? Girls girls girls... get yer picture taken and I'll enjoy the picture... but if your gonna be on my radio every day you better sound at least 1/10th as good as nbbmom on radio (whom I continue to miss on a daily basis ... the universe used to get her on their computers)

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ white t under a big dk blue turtleneck.
~ to begin an unbelievable week of being busy...
~ adding Telemon to this Remedy, LANdesk, Patrol demo... or trying to.
~ recover from watching "A Walk To Remember" last night... geezus. (next movie? People die, things blow up!)
~ I had another week to get ready for this week....
~ that khisanth manages to have a good day today!
~ that jodilyn keeps the car off.
~ to be infected with the same bug that has no1topaz in her happy place. :D
~ to remind ectv and anybody else that there is no way you look like a 15 year old boy... 16 maybe... hahaha..

ossie... Go you! those beach pictures are simply the best thing I've seen in ages!!! :D

Okies... gotta fly... L8er Sk8ers. :D
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sign boards? we don't need no stinking sign boards!

oh... ok... so we do need sign boards... FINE!


* bounce * off to stress client co-location facility.
Maybe I can find a starbucks on my way back and get some crack?


I had a "deep thought" moment with four kids yesterday. My two kids (7 and 4) and two little visitors (kinda cute actually, Colin, George's friend and his wee little sister - over to play with Ed, who kinda ignored her a lot). We all ended up outside in several layers of waterproof clothing and had a big monster snowball fight.
They kept nailing me in the freak'en head (little buggers)... of course, I was using a snow shovel to throw loads of snow at them... ar ar ar...
Any ways... the deep thought thing... at one point I called it "OVER" and sat down in the snow with them and explained that "most snowball fights end about 3 seconds after somebody gets hurt... and look at us... we've had this great long battle... loads of fun... and nobodies been hurt.... YET. So, let's stop now while everyones happy."

This took a few minutes to sink in with them and we did end it. The deeper message was lost on them but not so much on me. I sat in the snow for a few mintues after that and thought about that message and how valuable it could be in my life. Learning to stop on a good note is not so easy in life. But I'm all for working on it. :D


something "snot" and it coming "out" of Toronto... and the word "kicking" is in there somewhere... something about hockey...