November 24th, 2002



Billy Mac was a detective down in texas....

~ morning sweats again... 'cept with a hoodie.
~ a smile (my own selfish reasons*)
~ well work was in there somewhere but I'm hoping to avoid all that.
~ Alias tonight
~ outside play to tire out the boys and get some big-cold-breaths-of-air in their little coughing lungs.
~ job jar stuff... I need to do some little project today.
~ must buy mats for my little car... (you must live in the snow zone to know what that means)
~ to remind my friends what an amazing woman passerine is... Pammy... you're just precious. !
~ something about bloojanuary, a skipping roap, and a bum. :D :D :D (a tripple grin moment)
~ to point out to tonya that you don't need to know what people want for christmas... it's more about what you want them to have! Take me for example... you want me to have [ one of these! ] (snicker).
~ reens... post them pictures... because Daniel sure doesn't look like [ this ] any more!!
I really enjoyed the Harry Potter movie... damn it was long... and while I enjoyed the big screen deal... I could have waited for home viewing... 3 hours is enough time to warrent an intermission to make nachos or something... ya know?

* I was supposed to work for this client today... big freaky stressed out situation... 'cept... I called... and his voice-mail-box is full hence I could not reach him or leave a message... haha...I've done my bit. Now it's up to him. :D


// rant on

This is a rant about stuff that's gonna piss somebody off somewhere.
It’s a bit of a follow up to the post about Nigeria and the Fleeing beauties.
If it pisses you off ... then you gotta ask yourself "why did I read that?".
The only reason I'm typing this out is because it's how I deal with shit
that otherwise would wear a groove in my brain if I didn't let it out.

As for the opinions shared with me... this is not directed at you... not even a little. I will defend with my dying breath your right to your opinion, and embrace the notion that you share it with me... just do NOT get pissed at me for dissenting. rog?
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