November 21st, 2002



It's a gray day... inside and out.

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ white 3WV Morning Show T
~ big dk blue turtleneck
~ ass kicken shoes.
~ a bunch of stuff with our demo prep... redoing stuff from the last two days.
~ going to the stress clients co-location service center this aft to do some server work (the same place as I was at when the car got burgled)
~ enjoying the fact that my little car no longer has a noisy as fuck cookie sheet loosely stapled to the undercarriage.
~ watch survivor tonight...
~ that all is well with Kristy's (kristylicious's) uncle and her family is ok
~ that my friend debby gets some relief... ya know what I mean sugar?
~ that I understood... because I don't.

They say life goes on...
...and so it goes.

The damn shoulder thing is really messing with my 'tude.