November 20th, 2002



A bright sunny, beautiful day... but up way early and I've been speeding all over the place so who gets a chance to notice nice weather??

~ black ftls
~ the slightly-heavier cotton cargos (kahki... um, how do you spell that?) that I sewed the button on last night...
~ dk blue t and my fav txt vneck sweater.
~ a bitch'en tude...
~ early meeting at work...
~ hopefully off in a minute to the mechanics shop to drop off my car
~ then downtown to a bank to sign mortgage papers with Z
~ screaming busy rest of day.
~ oh my god I have so much work to do it's crazy!
~ that notcharming keeps thinking... sounds like a wonderful idea.
~ that I get my universe back on track... It's just not happening right now.
~ that you don't mind too much if I'm sorta not-hear for a while.
~ I could nick off to Charlottesville and install a cd-burner for a friend...
~ to send some hugs over to my friend Cathy... little miss canuckgirl...
and remind her that I will never run out of those for you. (and my fingers are crossed for you sugar... as always)
oh geez I gotta go... see ya.

quick lj Birthday shots.

quick birthday catch-ups...

November 19: raylenetaskoski - My own personal Sugar-Ray... a bod-for-life girl with a great story in her world. I hope you have a wonderful year (I hope you enjoyed your trip) and I'm so very glad we managed to hook up as friends here!! Happy Birthday sugarRay.

November 19: elliriel - Mommabean!! Happy Birthday Elli. A hard working nurse earns her wings every time she gets out of bed... Thank you for your friendship and I hope you have a wonderful year and maybe even log a splendid vacation somewhere... :D

Today!!! November 20: snugglebug (Imagine that... me! On-time with a birthday notice) Happy Birthday snuggs... I mean Addy... I mean Mrs Snugglebug... (the recently married snug). I hope you and your main squeeze have a wonderful year. :D

Happy Birthday to you (s)... Happy Birthday to you (s)... Happy Birthday dear All-Of-You... Happy Birthday to you!!


So... two days of mad server building for the demo... open window, toss!

Starting over.

er... anyone know how to convice IIS to let me rename the IUSR, IWAM users?

(new reason to hate microsoft? check!)

Off to pick up my little car and visit Mc.Death with the family.... you know... for a healthy meal.

See ya.