November 17th, 2002



Well it's snowing... it's been snowing all night... and it's not looking a whole lot like it's gonna stop anytime soon.

[ click me for a shot out the front window ]

(it's a little dark but you get the idea)

~ black ftls... (and btw, when their bran-spanking*-new, do they ever fit snug and great!)
~ blue jeans
~ the icon shirt... er... yea, look at the icon... I've had this shirt in the rotation for over two years. How long do clothes last?
~ dealing with snow...
~ dealing with a bit of an SRH... (er... that's a type of headache)
~ dreaming of a sunny destination with salt water air and sail boats dotting the horizon.
~ oh, and it's an Alias night.
~ to send a good snuggly vibe out to a friend... cybersweetie. It's pretty damn cool to see some good karma building in her world. Go Go Loraina girl.
~ dear dallandra... please call monique!!! :D
~ I'm so farquing happy to read that my friend arlyn had a great time last night... a more deserving woman I don't know. (go go you Houston ljers...)
~ I personally hope that ectv gets a part in the vid... oh that would be cool.
~ and I really really hope my friend jodilyn gets to feeling better soon... ICE on the back of the neck for that nose sugar. (oh, and I hope your Doug gets better too!)

I wish I had more time to comment... but the kids are a'waiting to go play in the snow... There are so many good vibes brewing around my friends list... it's really great to see my friends in good places. :D

mmk, see ya later skaters...

* yeah... I got to say "spanking"

ps. this note has been brought to you with several interruptions to go and be the traffic cop in the crazy intersection of my family room (a'la the GeorgeMobile and the Ed-ster) gaaaaaa! (time to toss 'em out in the snow for a while... and I'll be pointing the cam out the window for the next little while so you might see us...)


Just a note:

reens... contractions are 4 minutes apart and painful.

So they (luker = hubby-man) are planning to go to the hospital in a few minutes... :D

Just thought you might like to know...

(no subject)

So... hi. :D

long day... after a long sleep last night... I honestly cannot stand to get more than about (at max) 7-8 hours sleep. Even at 8 hours my back gets sore and I get a headache. blech. (hence, my always going to be between 1 - 2 am to get up at 7)

any ways...

There be plenty of the white stuff out there. All those jealous texans that want the snow... yer welcome to it! If it weren't for the polution (which may not be so bad anymore???) Denver is more to my liking... with summer all year round and you can drive uphill to snow capped mountains and skiing. :D

Someone asked about pictures of the new car (and picture Z dancing around the room whenever the words new-car and said... she even taught the kids to say "yipeee" ever time she said "vanless" so there'd be a cheering section during conversations with people about the vehicle. :D (man, we really hated that van). Leased the van... bought the maxima.

So I present "max" ... our new family car that babyfatz gets to call "her car". :D

(click the thumbnails to see the big picture)

[ The classic rear view ]

[ A nice full on shot of the car ]

[ Something a little cool looking... ]

[ and my ham son Edward after a "light saber battle" with dad ]

Lord Of The Rings

I wanted to have said that I'm very very pleased with the special release of the FOTR movie. The scenes they put back in the movie are excellent and really add to the story and "back story". I haven't watched any of the special features yet but I will... in the mean time, I'd really recommend this version over the theatrical release!!

Ok... time for Alias!!