November 15th, 2002


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Ok... that's it... it's what? 1:43 and I was gonna go to bed early tonight... I suck.

bedtime wishes;

~ that lizvang's mom is ok...
~ and canuckgirl... you are never really on your own. and besides... that sounds like a great weekend to have under your belt :D
~ hola gefiltebitch... you don't have to turn yourself in... just remember to be patient. :D
~ some hugs for serraph are always available!! :D
~ psssst! xaheras... thats what they invented laser pointers for... those foggy foggy night! :D
~ for the wonderful place your heart is at... to simply always be there for you 52girl... you rock with stars!

Time for sleepy time... see ya.


Well it's another friday... a day of very little choices for me work wise... for some godforsaken reason, I end up working harder on fridays than the rest of the week all rolled together - which would be fine if I was a lazy shit all week but - despite appearances... hahahahaa... - I'm not that lazy!

oh, and seeing as it's friday... it's time for more [ cheesecake ]
(that's a clothed shot, so don't be running for the hills.) :D

~ gray ftls
~ b.u.m. equip blue jeans
~ p-z long sleeve
~ brrrrr cold... layer boy throws on a denim shirt before he leaves for work.
~ gotta do some running around for a coworker....'cause I'm such a nice fuck'en guy.
~ hardware profiling for demo
~ load test stuff for stress client
~ TONIGHT.... FOTR SE with my bro and his squeeze, z, moi and hopefully very sleeping kiddies.
~ write a survivor update somehow today... (man... talk about giving me material... wohoo... :D)
~ that all things slide into place for my friend kitykity with all that work... taking notice of the fact that the managers are fighting over you... you gotta like that.
~ all the best to the puppies... sparklegrrl posted pictures of the cutest damn puppies in the universe today.
~ a little wish and a hug out to debby just 'cause.
~ that my friend crushdmb manages to a) get a better sleep tonight and b) sorts out that trouble... you deserve a break lil'sugar.
~ a great big GIANT wish for the very best of everything to an amazing and special friend stephiechai... you have been with me for so long and you absolutely never fail to sneak up and throw sugar and warmth at me just when I need it most. You are an absolute treasure in the world of me... thank you honey.
~ that today goes wonderfully for my friends reens and luker... She's gonna have her baby any minute... :)

Please take note: Today is the day... babyfatz and I have been looking forward to today for the last two and half years.
Today is the day that we give the total piece of doggy do do** Ford MiniVan (Windstar) Lease expires and we drop that load of crap back on a Ford lot.
Good riddance and my biggest regret is that I never got to set you on fire and watch you explode into a million pieces.
May your next owner send you over a cliff into jagged rocks!

**do do: that's nice nice talk to replace things like Cum Sucking Ass Munching Road Whore Piece Of Shit

This moment has been brought to you by the very happy co-owners of a shiney new (well, new to us) 1999 ES MAXIMA with little buttons that - when pressed - cause your seat to warm up yer ass! :D

Oh and that reminds me... I was sooooo happy to see my friend lakme yesterday... is she the sweetest popsicle in the box or what?
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Survivor 5 Update!!!

Survivor V : Update

The Fellowship of the Necklace, Special Edition

Wherein we are finally subjected to the merge, the kiddies get their taste of home baked sugar – although porno boy had to break a sweat. The power of numbers is revealed and Jake finally gets his face slapped. Oh, no really now, what-da-ya bet ol’Porno boy beat her silly with an eighteen inch floppy rubber dildo the second he got home?

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