November 13th, 2002



(ok... unjust picture... but I didn't even check it before I split... I look kinda somber there.... please imagine me smiling )

I'm uber jazzed up today... and look! I'm all out of crack! hmmm... must be a natural high...

~ black ftls
~ dk blue cotton cargos... zzzzzzzippers yo!
~ maroon t
~ really big dk blue turtleneck.
~ a goofy grin... :D
~ to go out and buy the Attack of the Clones dvd in an hour.
~ to debate buying the big deal LOTR special release...
~ plan a big honking demo for work
~ trying to have a team meeting with team members that are reluctant to have a free lunch.
~ West Wing tonight...
~ to post the link to the b-day video (15 painful megs!!!)
~ I knew someone with 15 megs of high bandwidth space I could host that video on for the day - 'cause it'll be kinda slow sucking it down from my server)
~ I could sit down on a sofa and find myself sitting beside kimberly27616... that way I could give her a snuggle and just hold on for a while. :D
~ that jodilyn feels better soon... you know, she and I have been lj friends for-ever, and we don't get many interactions, but she's one of reasons I love it here... she's precious. (get bedda shugga)
~ moonrose YO! don't forget to see Medea. :)
~ that eiffelgirl figures it out... whatever it is... just 'cause it's your turn for things to go right!
~ to just point out to heido that liking you is way way easy... and you can hold on to that as tight as ya like.
~ ug! alicenwndrln!!! I hope that eye gets better lil'sugar.
~ to sing a song in my head about how nice it is to keep notcharming in my heart and to know how happy the love in her life is making her...
~ to send out a belated Happy Birthday message to my power-puff-girl kissen buddy missilv. Have a wonderful year sugar and ps. it's wonderful to see you again!

Um... my desktop? I have a few friends loaded up and refreshing away on the sidelines... I know I have enough psychological issues to make someone rich but screw that... I love having cube buddies to share my day with... :D (waving at krizsa and over at sparklegrrl). You know... they're quite ravishing in the morning... :)

Me and my work cam are on all day...
oh yeah... I read about this [ click for link to geek equipment! ] and I'm just say'en... I WANT!!!!

must ... MUST ... get more coffee...
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That Sneaky Girl

Happy Birthday Kathleen

Yesterday was daikan's birthday... (*you sneak!*)

(yeah, that picture is two years old now...)

I hope you have a wonderful year sugar-shaker.... you are a wonderful friend and I'm never going to run out of "happy to have met you" if I live to see 3000 AD!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Late Birthday to you... Happy Late Birthday Dear Kathleenicles, you sneak, Happy Birthday to you.
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