November 9th, 2002



Well I kinda woke up with a bonk...
that would be the sound George was making as he dragged my feet out of the bed...
at 8:30.

A little while ago... the phone rang. It was a commissionaire at a government building downtown. Someone turned in my bag and he found enough id to get my phone number. He wasn't going into any detail about the contents but I can go and pick it up ... I'll be way satisified if my papers from the project I've been on are there... and I'll cross my fingers about the rest. Cross yer fingers too... karma helps!

~ black ftls
~ b.u.m. equip blue jeans
~ my orange stripe shirt. :D (my fav shirt of all time)
~ to play a game of chess with Geo
~ make more coffee...
~ zoooooooooooom off downtown to see about my bag!
~ entertain luker and his oh-so-pregnant wife reens this afternoon.
~ go to a little b-day party for my FIL tonight after dinner...
~ maybe a DVD?
~ well, right now... I'm wishing and praying for there to be paperwork in my bag!
~ as I have been constantly for days and days... and will surely continue to for days yet to come... I am wishing for joy to sneak up on my friend kimberly27616kimberly90210
~ that my very treasured friend topazgrrl starts to feel better soon...
~ I could give a big smooch to incarnation ... because she's back! :D
~ and to send a little *wink* out to jennfromtx...

Thank you, btw... I mean, not just the obvious signs of your friendship or concern, but the whole big interactions-with-you thing is really keeping me sane. I have a wonderful life... with great children and an adorable, loving wife, heck, I even have a great extended family... but while I don't want to take any of those things for grantit (is that how you spell that?) my universe is dramatically better that it would be otherwise because you guys are in it... I'm in a way mushy mood today and these usually last for a few days... so try not to gag ! :D There are some pretty amazing people on my friends list and you really do play well with me... for this I am eternally grateful.

Ok... again, wish me luck with the bag thing.


Well there must be some good mojo out there...

I took George for a drive downtown and picked up my work bag... After a close inspection I found that the bag still had my ID without my credit cards (tucked in a strange pocket so the thief actually chose to put the id back... - and my pictures of the boys :D) and the big honking file folder of the project notes and that's it. The computer's gone (it's time for me to try and re-write the Survivor Update - which, silly as it sounds, is going to be hard... it's weird to recreate creativity, even if it's only so-so creativity) and all of the notes I took into the computer directly during the 16 hour day yesterday. (and all the compact flash cards that were in the computer case...)

So I should be counting my blessings for what I have and try not to sweat the small stuff... I can replace the computer with much greater ease than replacing, for example, a birth certificate.

Thanks for the good vibes and well wishing mochachos et mochachas... :D