November 8th, 2002


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"really... Chandler?"


Well that was a fun night of post-kids-in-bed television viewing... brain rot on high! :D

but it's late now... (how'd that happen?) and I need to give in to my eyelids.

::bedtime wishes::

~ that all is well with my very good friend kimberly27616

~ a very happy birthday out to a good man!! Keith, (nortacon) I hope it was a great year and i'm betting this next one... is rockets!

~ for good things to be happening with my friend incarnation...

ok ok ... I should sleep... see ya. :D

morn'en lj

Well it's a Friday... and I'm supposed to look around and find smiles and chuckles and giggles and laughs...
Instead I'm seeing a rather long list of low... You know... some peeps feeling "low" sorta low.
I wish I could help... How about a [ picture of my ass ]? hahaha... yes I have clothes on (this time! :D)

No seriously though, I'd like to buy the world a coke, and keep it company... ya dig?

~ gray haines bb's
~ beige p-z jeans
~ 3WV morning show T shirt with a denim shirt over it... layer boy strikes again.
~ well, I'm gone in about 5 minutes for most of the day to a client site...
~ have to get to the bank for some paperwork after lunch
~ possible client lunch presentation... blah blah blah... Why oh why are Friday's so damn busy!
~ write a survivor update!
~ with all of my heart that there is good news just out of reach for you Kimberly... patience... one day at a time.
~ that I get a chance to get some little project stuff done this weekend... oh, including the towel deal. :D

I wanted to thank all my friends that shot me a lip picture... that is just amazing... some really great material to work with. Now if I had more time I'd already be working on that project but that will have to wait... :D (so that means there's still time to go back and add to the thread now doesn't it! :D :D :D :D)

OH... and I freaking forgot the cell phone AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe this... and I really need it today... shit shit shit shit shit... blah! I slap it on a charger over night and all this "getting george outta the house" in the morning seems to be distracting me from actually having a brain. I'm surprised I manage to get out of the house at all...

Ok... I'm outta here... must go install o/s, patches and a huge amount of source code on a new sunfire 480 4 way and start compiling apps... (phew... actual geek talk... does that make you horny baybe? - austin powers voice over please)