November 6th, 2002



Well this day is toast...

Video editing is slow work!

Today has been a bit hecktic...
but it's ending on a very nice note...
Finding your way back to a friend is nice.

But I'm finding the back of my eyelids right now so see ya.

ni ni. :D


Morning... it's officiallyfuckingwinter around here... blech.
I'm forty... and, personally, that's quite enough winter for my life thank you very much.
Can I buy a moomoo and live in florida yet?

~ pic pic black and an associated grin. :D
~ so dark green/treacle they're almost black brushed cotton jeans
~ marroon T with the big monster sweater (way long sleeves)
~ to grab a solaris monitor and scoot off to a client site for most of the day...
~ a trip to a dentist to have two fillings removed and remade... I'll be drooling and moaning later...:D
~ New West Wing tonight!! :D
~ that my ever loven sugar babyfatz (that's my owm private zebra btw) continues to get better.
~ that my friend mandelion has a better day today than yesterday!!! :D
~ for some karma to sneak up and fix whatever's bugg'en my sugar tonya... Tone smiling is a requirement. (can I help sugar?)
~ that I could hang a "please do not distrub" sign over arlyn's world so she could get some rest.
~ and to send out a lil'hug for my friend cablondie

So .... if you missed it... slip back a bit in my journal [ click this link ] and consider posting something for the lip-pic request. I mean, I have like 377 friends listed... and sure... plenty are communities, and a shit load of 'em are "seldom posters" but I know you and your lips are out there... :D

[ here's another shot of mine ] but I'm really going for the close ups...

[ dig this... is that not a pricess puss? ]

Alrighty... I gotta get outta here. See ya.
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ok, actually, no pain... yet.

had two filling from my yut drilled and dug out of my head and refilled... now? the whole right side of my face, tongue, etc. is numb like... well, like dead.

I'm trying desperately to not bite my tongue.

I hope your day's going better! :D

(wouldn't take much!)


Ok... so;

if you live in suburbia
and work in an office building
and drive a Yukon...

you are a dick.
and, essentially, you are part of the problem
and nothing to do with a solution.
Please back over yourself at some point... mmmk?



~ at the used car place we've been going to... they park the cars rather close together. Upon returning from each of the test drives we went on tonight ... with moi in the passenger seat and both boys strapped into the back seats... I reminded Z to park in the open spaces so the sales people could repark the cars. and then we found both sets of car keys in our possession (pure accident) when we got home... :D hahahaha...

~ I have some amazing friends here... you guys are just rock'en my sox with those lip pics...

~ my face is no longer numb... my jaw is in fucking hell... TMJ kinda killa aggrivated by the dentist dude holding my jaw open all that time...

~ show her you love her... suck on her elbow waddle.

~ getting into weight bearing activities like indoor rock climbing will improve your bone density. Girls should be doing this more... especially girls that were slaves to the "i really need to look underfed to fit in" thang in high school... Ostioperosis is bitch.

~ I want to travel to South Africa...

~ my god I need a coffee...

~ time to watch the West Wing tape. :D

L8er sk8ers...