November 5th, 2002


Hola Lj

Well we managed to get up on time today... Geo is having his school picture redone today... his first one was... er... not so much. We were goofing around with the morning picture, and managed to get one he really liked... that would be [ this one right here - click me! ] although we kinda settled on the one above for the Tuesday shot. :D

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ b.u.m. dk blue t and the fav v-neck sweater.
(and yes, I really am falling into a pattern again... wore the same thing last tuesday). :D
~ get some docs into the hr office
~ finish another report
~ client lunch in Hull
~ car test driving with Z after lunch..
~ we'll see what the afternoon brings... I'm supposed to be at stress clients site building a server... which is not actually there yet.
~ that the server does not show up until tomorrow.
~ that my friend gigibug has a better sleep tonight... and by the way, is she precious or what?
~ that my American friends remember to dig it out and vote today...
~ I had a big bag of apples... *poof* oh, look... a big bag of apples (I love the morning after grocery shopping)
~ that I had a larry-niven-esque stepping stone so I could zap myself to Singapore and see the chili-peppers with auntyadele at the Singapore Indoor Stadium!! :D
~ I could sneak up on choco_orangutan and hug her... yeah I know... still... :D I'm glad you found the ring and I hope the computer's ok.
~ and I hope you feel better soon alicenwndrln... and sugar? that is one of my all time fav lines "You had me at 'hello'," I get goosebumps when I think about that one. :D
~ I knew what my little pregnant friend Lisa (ten) looked like right now... I wanna see the short hair!!!!

Do you know about the "quilt"... in a really kinda kinky way that thing just rolls my dials over to 11. :D

CRAP! Phone just rang... servers in... gotta go. .... The day just suddenly become complicated and uber busy...

ps. I freak'en love this song.
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ok... look...

It's no secret that I'm a total nut for lips...
lip pictures...
puckered kissers are just about the most gorgeous thing I can imagine seeing in a journal...

And, unlike so many other parts of the human anatomy, every pair is vastly different.
Almost finger-print like in their unique qualities...

So I wanna make a page in my web site of lip pictures...

but I need your help...

boys, girls, frowns, painted, not, smiles, puckers, drop-dead-sexi-slightly-open lips...

Come on... post me lip pics in the comments... pawwwwleeeeessseeeeeee...
(and yes, I'm gonna feel crummy if you don't... and I'm loving being the happiest human on the planet... you don't wanna ruin that do you?)

If you'd rather... just email the pic to

I'm thinking a "match the lips to the lj name" kinda thing in the end... :)

Are you lurking? s'ok... send it along and tell me who you are... maybe it's about time we met any ways!! :D

edit: (June 17, 2003)
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