November 4th, 2002



Woke up a bit late, and had to drive Geo to school...
it's evil evil evil slippery on the neighborhood streets this morning...
snow, rain, freezing temperatures... it's slippery...

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ white T that no one will see 'cause I'm wearing a
~ big dk blue turtleneck...
~ praying to the gods of health that z gets over this cold
~ on discovering what hellish amount of work I'm supposed to accomplish this week.
~ test driving a couple of cars at lunch... We're buying a new (second hand) car to replace the leased Van (evil van from hell...)
~ maybe even call the bank and make sure they're on board with the purchase.
~ I could fucking stop coughing... wholy crap!
~ to send out a belated Happy Birthday to webbitch... I hope you had a wonderful celebration, and that you have an amazing year!! :D
~ I had a fresh cup of coffee... (something I will fix in about 3 minutes...)
~ that my pal, nbbmom is feeling good today and that 3WV would get their station BACK on the internet!!! :D
~ for success in her application to come to ebean... I hope this works out sugar.
~ to run a little love up the flag pole for my friend paradoxicalsoul... you know I got it for ya sweetie. !!!

Um... I got an email from a friend last night... a simple thing really... but it just put me on cloud nine... thank you Christina... you'll never know how perfect your timing was, but know that my appreciation runs deep. :D

peace frog blue sunday!