November 3rd, 2002



Well well well... why cant a bunch of white people* put their kids in the same room without getting religious about shit?

Ok, I'll save all my rants about the beaver outing for another post...

Suffice to say, museum floors are a bitch to sleep on but my little guy had a hulluva great time. Pictures and talk to come later. :D

~ gray ftls
~ black ripped jeans
~ icon long sleeve shirt (see icon)
~ a smile...
~ to take care of an under-the-weather-zebra...
~ to get my boys outside on this beautiful day
~ to continue pretending I'm not sick and that I got a couple of hours sleep last night...
~ cook, play, do homework with Geo (I think) and drink several dozen (ok ok, not dozen) cups of coffee.
~ you could have seen the look on the face of the Daddy of one of Geo's friends when the clown (show last night) started picking on his ex-airborn-not-into-this-at-all self last night... ;) bwaaahahahaha... oh can you spell p r i c e l e s s .
~ to point out that spaimy's new do looks beautiful... wowzers.
~ all'y'all that get IP addresses in your replies would check for I'd love to know who this is...
~ oh, and I have to get a birthday wish together today!! :D
~ the guy who played "Shaggy" in the Scooby Doo movie totally stole the show... he's great. Geez to the boyz ever love this movie. :D :D :D (and velma's quite the little hottie... ~ snicker)

Man I am one tired corto... but the day awaits... so much to do... so few brain cells.

* white people: what can I say, they were, by and large, a group of white beavers... but, again, more ranting about that later. :D