November 1st, 2002



NOTE: no idea if the pictures will show up today... something is amiss with our firewall at work.


Here I am at work... but I'm hopping back in the car and returning home. My little is as sick-in-bed-with-a-cold as possibly can be...
Up with Geo and get him off to school, and I was sure she was going to be ok, but ... er... nope. Not happening.

oh, the web site pic is here!~

~ black ftls
~ b.u.m. equip jeans
~ gray t with a denim shirt...
~ well, it's time sheet day...
~ it's proposal day...
~ it's report day for stress client...
~ but that's out the door... 'cause I am too... I'm getting back in the car to go home and take care of Ed and Z. :D
~ writing a Survivor update.... and by the way, Survivor last night? bwaahahahahahaa...
~ that I get a chance to get my time sheets in...
~ that I can catch up on all y'all a little later. :D

bu bye....


totally me stuff....

~ mom's home and can get the kids from school.... (yes!!!!!)
~ 5 minutes from finishing my time sheets...
~ then it's time to get the teams sheets in order...
~ have I mentioned that I fucking hate time sheets... yeah yeah... I know... necessary evil... but I'm allowed to hate the little bastards.

How to pack a full day into 3 hours... a short story by Corto. :D
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pardon me?
you wanted to know what I will be doing on Saturday night?

I'll be on a sleep over at the Museum of Nature in Downtown Ottawa with 250 little beavers...

oh yeah... plenty of sleep there...

Happy Birthday!!

Yeah... I suck... well, ok... let's not go there... At issue is the big honking backlog of birthday wishes on my plate.

sylph (October 24) "It's ok... I don't mind... go ahead... pinch it..." You know I will forever remember meeting you last summer (and you other people, get yer minds out of the gutter... that's our way-private joke) :D I hope this is a wonderful year for you Carol, my lil'sugar-camper. :D

bkw (October 26) Bethany... one of only two Bethany's in the entirety of my universe..:D You've always been a bit of an enigma to me Beth, ... there was that one time you posted a picture without a filter... then fixed it all quick... I hope you had a great birthday (and that you post a picture someday... one I can see! :D)

redwaterlily (October 26) One of ma own private group of ... er.. no, never mind... I sure hope things slip Upwards and into a screamingly happy place for you sweetheart... you're a wonderful journal friend and I hope this birthday has hidden joy for you. :D

murphy59 (October 28) ... hehe... ok, so now that I know who your wife is... :D :D ... Happy birthday yo... May this year bring you little treasures... and I do hope it was a wonderful celebration. :D

jessarose (October 29) My long lost Jessa... I am so happy to have been reconnected with you and I hope this was a grand birthday for you... maybe a birthday that kicks of a year of fantastic new beginings. :D

toosweet (October 21)... Where the hell are ya sugar? Happy birthday sweets... and you'll never bee too sweet! I hope you are well where ever you have ended up. :D

adidaschick216 (November 1) hmmm... another vanishing friend... but then again... weddings have a way of dragging you off by the hair... :D I hope you had a wonderful b-day sugar. :D

summer_flowers (November 1) Tia!!!! I hope you've replaced that toy... :D and have a wonderful day... night... May this year be just packed with surprises for you... (and I know it will... I'm having a big-on-premonition about that... )

and someone just special as all get out...

canuckgirl Happy Birthday Cathy Sweets
~ you have been such a wonderful friend for such a long time here in journal land... I know you're battling the big ass flu / cold thing... so hurry up and get better... you deserve to have a whole bunch of celebrating to make up for being under the weather on your birthday!! May this year bring you closer to your personal goals and reveal a world without without judgement that I know lives in hearts like mine... I've a backlog of huge hugs for you should the universe bend itself properly to put you in front of me ... and someday it will Cath... Have a wonderful year sugar.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birthday to all y'all ... Happy Birthday to you!!!!
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Survivor 5 Update!!!

Survivor V : Update

Track 9, The Headfuck Express

Wherein the results of Dom Jeff winning a big poker game with the producers are played out for us to enjoy. He (Jeff) gets to have his way with the castaways, and seeing as "his way" is the way of the Sado-Manipulator, we are well entertained.

The Post Jar Jar world of Survivor Thailand is fraught with attempted gamesmanship, misdirection, manipulation and a wee little Crouching Tiger caught in a Tiger Trap of outstanding proportions.

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Sum of All Fears

dvd night...

They're prol'y gonna put a big bag over our house and air scrubbing filters... with big signs that speak in internationally recognized symbols warning people that within the security perimiter is GERM HOUSE.

Well, that's how is feels any ways... :D

Any hoooo... I collected the kidlettes and took them to McDeath for dinner and came home to nurse my little sugar with a milk shake and a grilled cheese sammich. Now that the kids are asleep (hahahaha... right! they're in bed... but sleep is still illusive) ... ok, so WHEN the kids are asleep... it will be DVD time.

Then, if I'm really lucky... I'll get a chance to check up on my journal bud's before bed.

See ya.