October 25th, 2002


oh man....

"like gangbusters"

The following information may be considered "gross" by several members of our society.
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Oh, I tried to play psycho babble at www.popcap.com... totally up-my-ally kind of a game... will definatly go back. tonight? I played like ass and I'm blaming the whole 'body bent on destruction" thing.(see with-in the cut for explanation)

Quietly saying significant prayers for my very dear friend kimberly27616.

Night night..
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Survivor 5 Update!!!

Survivor V : Update

Death to Smoochie

Wherein we are treated to (*cough*) men squashing beef together, paltry executions (or is that poultry), a near drowning, a game of pickup-sticks, and wanky little skater boy doing a tear jag. Oh, and a reward to anyone that can prove a relationship between Ma Kettle and the international Right to Life terrorist organizations.

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well my head is one big smushen ball of snot!


You know that pressure that almost pops your eyeballs out if you bend down to do something when you have a cold... it's ick.

We're gonna veg with a movie tonight. Insomnia...

I had a strange moment from journal land today. I need to do some back tracing and find out who a particular IP address is... I desire to learn more about the anony-mouse posters motivations.

It is a tangled web that can be woven
from the play on ones emotions.