October 24th, 2002



It's walk-like-an-egyptian day over here in the land of me. That would be a veiled reference to the notion of my being in denial (de Nile... never mind). It's all about that little tingle on one side of my throat... ya know?

Got up today to find my lil'Z feeling the throat thing worse than the rest of us, so she stays in bed!!! (I really hope and pray that she doesn't get it bad... she sooo does not deserve to get icky sicky) - actually, she got Ed dressed for me and Geo started on breakee - and after the quick shower/dress thing it was all about getting her back in bed, and the boys loaded up in the car... Geo to school and Ed to my 'rents house for the day... then me doing the zoom zoom thing to work.

When I got home from work last night, I had two wonderful surprises waiting for me... postcards have a habit of making me smile and feel a lot lighter in my sox. Thank you occipitaldruid for this (click me) card from Utah. And, not to minimize the Utah card, but the single most exciting card I've every received... from dallandra... all the way from Russia (click me)... It's just a beautiful card. I sat with Geo looking up info on St. Petersburg and stuff while he oooo'ed and awwww'ed about the card. :D

~ gray ftl's
~ beige p-z jeans
~ white T you'll never see 'cause I got a big comfy warm p-z long sleeve on over it and it's c c c c c cold today. Layer-boy is stayen layered!
~ dem big ass shoes... clomp clomp k k k klomp.
~ new round of load tests for stress client and plenty of documentation.
~ It's a Survivor night tonight... :D :D :D
~ taking several hundred thousand milligrams of various vitamins and nutritional supplements ...
~ that things go well for my Carolina Sugar (kimberly27616) and I'm not gonna say a word about how things oughtta go for Kieth, her main squeeze... although the word "squeeze" does come into it somewhere... :D
~ for a little physical intervention to make the damn headache go away for my friend no1topaz... 4 days is plenty enough already!!
~ that nutmeg (who's lj name I love love love - ohhh i can just say "hi my little Nut Meg" all day) finds her wallet and that the Mike zone is a good one.
~ to point out that baybabaybayaba-daba-doo has all the marbles... what an amazing woman. :D
~ to tip my hat to Spike and to my friend heido and say that the whole "eyeballs to entrails" thing is both gross and cute. :D
~ for a whole big long string of happy days sneak up on paradoxicalsoul and make her smile so much her cheeks hurt... and if that doesn't work, we can get a riding crop out and work on hurt'en the other cheeks... ~ snicker. :D

I was checking lj before bed last night... and came across a ginormous spoon of sugar pushed over to me... from my friend stressedorange... geez that felt good. Thank you sweets.
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I'm freezing... I swear, if they weren't attached these babies would shoot right off my chest.


I've had a few questions posed to me about the "locks" on the front page of my web site. They are to the stats page (awstats) and the bandwidth monitor (ifmonitor).

In so far as you can determine who has come to the sight and how often, etc. (like any good stats program) I've figured the data there is confidential, to protect peoples privacy.
What is your opinion?
Do you ever look at peoples stats page?


head ache ... gone... replaced by that zombie-woo thing that advil tends to leave behind.

still trying not to fall asleep (zombie-woo effect) as I type up some paperwork.

Time for some Bif to keep me awake and tippidy typidy... work work work.
sheesh... I wish they'd pay me to just play. :D