October 22nd, 2002



last thoughts of the day...

~ I think ectv... miss ulitmate shan... is the cat's meow... (that is my way de jour of saying... just wonderful!)

~ I know arlyn is gonna feel a lot better in sunlight... dammit... and I hope things do spin for you sugar.

~ upon close inspection of the frame by frame video capturing geos moment of surprise... we will not likely be throughing another surprise party soon. No really, it scared the ever loving shit out of him

Either one of these will show you what I mean.
[ 384 k version - windows media player ]
[ 1.8 meg version - divx 5 avi ]

and that's only cause I'm in a rush and wanna go to bed...

So much video to work with from that party that just makes me laugh... I'll get through it... :D

So g'night lj. have a nice comfortable sleep... I know I'm gonna. :D (really looking forward to bed! )


That's me and my seven year old! :D He's getting to almost too big for the easy "climb up on me" snuggles... almost....

Ok... ready... set... go... :D Today's a busy day. Most of it's right here at the desk but I need to churn out some results or someones gonna beat me with a phone book... well, maybe not... but still!! :D

~ gray haines bb's
~ beige p-z jeans (again)
~ gray t and the big honk'en turtleneck.
~ plenty of writing and trying desperately to make sense out of some performance logs... (server stuff)
~ go for a walk at lunch... need more fresh air!
~ to remind you that it may not be nice to fool mother nature, but it's a fucking huge mistake to mess with one of my friends.
~ that everyone in The Notorious Kym's world stays safe ... my heart is going out to her while this loooooon is shooting up the state.
~ to shoot a few good vibes out to my friend ladonne... well, actually to "tiblet" for the hospital visit today. :D
~ that redfenix had a second computer... save a few hassels there wouldn't it... ?
~ to remind everyone... stay away from kristylicious's cheerios... yo! back away from the bowl ... slowly.
~ for some love'en vibes to make their way from here to there... to my friend notcharming... I'm glad someones there to hold yer hand sugar.

Please sit down.
Just relax.
Close your eyes...
... breath.
Wait for it.
It's neck kissing time.


coworker's wife shows up with baby...
corto grabs baby...
corto grabs baby bottle.
baby eats
baby burps
corto smiles. :D


someone link me to a source for graphics of a canadian flag, large is good so I can resize, not a "FLAT" flag, but furled with wind.

Sorry... I don't like asking like this... me = zooooooooooooooooom too busy.