October 10th, 2002



Do you know this song?
Do you get the Disney chanel?
Have you ever noticed that the begining of this song sounds like the theme music to The Amanda Show??
Ok, never mind.

~ gray ftls
~ spiffy sox
~ dk gray dress pants
~ tommyH long sleeve dress shirt...
~ mickey tie
~ a little throbbing vein on the left side of my head representing my ongoing desire to go to work in jeans and a t all the time...
~ write more... blech
~ geek freak on the "slow borgcube" thing I mentioned yesterday
~ do a client presentation with the head of a national org later this morning...
~ loosen my tie
~ watch Survivor tonight!!!!
~ that things go well for my texas-sugar-bowl... txgirlie and her man today. :D
~ to send out congratulations to my friend hazeleyedcutie on the job
~ and more out to another precious friend occipitaldruid... again on the job deal...
~ to breath a sigh of relief and gratitude for things working out so well for a rather remote friend hoorah...
~ that the wisdom of experience infects my friend jadeh with the spirit of patience and confidence. My heart is filled with hope!
~ to point out that I would let Donna (West Wing) spank me.
um, do you know vina?? She's gives great journal.... :D

ps. I'm predicting that the Sook's loose the immunity battle tonight and they toss the naked firefighter chick... Stephanie Dill... (last name is "Dill" ... can you imagine the middle school jokes... yikes)

pps. I read something today that just left me flat-lined emotionally... I am in need of serious bounce-backing...
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(no subject)

Dear movingforward;
please record and post said recording of you - and your adorable accent - saying "I spilled my muslix all over the schema"

And if anyone can do a really good Sean Connery, a recording of that would be darned priceless.

That is all...

thank you.