October 8th, 2002



Ok... so I'm forty now... when I was 17 I went to Amsterdam... hung with my brother for a little while. He was running a hostel there for a few years,... (stories are voluminous, btw).

While I was there... I took a tripod, a hand held light meter (gossen luna 6 :D), and a 35 mm camera with several rolls of ectachrome slide film to the Van Goth museum... (no flashes allowed) and snapped a picture of EVERY SINGLE DISPLAYED PIECE OF ART. I brought it home... handed it to my art teacher and asked her to pass me for the year even though I spent the rest of the year in the smoking area (we had those in those days). She passed me with an A.

Same year, my gym teacher (Mr. Henderson) was responsible for a broken leg I suffered in his gym class... long story... but I went to him (on crutches no less) and told him I wanted an A but I would be spending the rest of the year in the smoking area, and I wouldn't tell my parents about his mistake. Got an A in phys-ed.

Now back to the "I'm forty" part... She (Art Teacher - Mrs. Davies) went on to use that slide show as a component of the grade 11 art curriculum, until she retired and then handed it on... it's still used (although at another high school) in Nepean (sister city to Ottawa) (Confederation High School actually).

That's a 23 year old slide set still in regular use... gotta love that.


bah!! busy busy me... work work work... geez... ya'd think they were paying me.... oh wait... never mind.

um... what's a "honey badger"?? Z and I were logged into Yahoo games last night playing Grafitti (fun game btw)
and I made some off hand comment to someone that had dropped the ball and holy crap did she ever ... um.. not like that...
She suggested that I suck the butt of a honey badger... now I asked her what a honey badger was, 'cause under most
circumstances "sucking a butt" does not necessarily sound exceptionally appealing... but she never really explained... (lol).
Now after the fact it occured to us that I should have asked her if she could quick like a bunny, run and
check with her "father/brother/uncle - insert banjo music here..." on a good description of what honey badger was... but
alas, hind sight is soooo much more crystal... isn't it. :D

~ er.. pic pic... black.
~ beige p-z jean...
~ orange stripe shirt and nice warm sweater...
~ well, a two and half hour meeting first thing this morning... that's done.
~ writing ... plenty of documentation and geek crap on my plate.
~ try to watch a dvd tonight (Pitch Black)
~ another "ooops I'm late" birthday wish going out to the queen of sextips... Happy Birthday carriegurl and I hope you have a fantastic winter (a time to shine with that snow board!!!)
~ that the fantastic vibe I see crawling around my friends list just keeps on gaining speed... no really, there is so many great things happening with my friends... wohoo... :D
~ I had another chedder cheese bagel to munch on...

mmmk... I need office buddies today... time to go load up some giggles and some sparkles...

oh, and doesn't this just look like a blast!!!! a real family affair... well sorta :D

(click it... go 'head)

Have a great day yo!
(L8ER SK8ers)
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Some Interesting Name Statistics for Dick Head

The Boy's Name Dick is shared by ~12,100 people in the USA.
The Last Name Head is shared by ~33,100 people in the USA.
The First_Name + Last_Name Dick Head is not common in the US, with a shared population of around 0 - 10 individuals.
The First Name, Last Initial Dick H is shared by ~260 people in the USA.
The First Initial, Last Name D Head is shared by ~1,910 people in the USA.

So what yer say'en is there's only about 10 dick heads in the United States?
mmmk, so they exclude ex-husbands from the survey right?


Today is gone... gone I tell you ackk!

way to busy... it's silly actually... ya just get cooking and bang... it's time to go.

Going home to make Georges Chicken (special family recipe... :D).

Have a wonderful evening and ...

ps... I just think that Lydia... ly is the sweetest candy in the bowl... :D


ok... dinner is cleaned up... kids are all - kinda - played out...
and it's now bath time...
a perfect time to get all obsessive about doing my nails...
of course, they splash me every now and again. :D


Ever think that they just invented Food because it was such a great way to get garlic into your body?