September 28th, 2002



So I totally missed last night... after that last post ... around what? 9:ish... I managed to pass out on a bed fully populated with both kids and Z... zonk. Woke up at 2:00 with all those linen dents in my face and just called it a night... So, like 10 hours of sleep later... hahaha... yup I'm awake.

~ nothing yet... but I'm thinking jeans and a T
~ to drop the kids off at their cousins house in about an hour
~ spend the day in some portable behind a church with 15 other people taking a "trauma and bleeding" course...
~ tonight... if I'm lucky, I'll finally get to see West Wing...
~ and to finish up some resume work I'm doing for a friend. :D
~ things here in the land of friends, past friends, odd balls and loveable strangers were less complicated sometimes...

And it's just occurred to me that I missed an important lj birthday ... gonna have to fix that...

Ok... off to make coffee and get dressed... see ya.

!! edit !!
Ha! I almost forgot... remember that "stress" client I've been dealing with for the last two weeks? Tonight and tomorrow night are high water mark production nights for their web applications... and (lovely) I have to be at their tech office from 4 pm to 9 pm... both nights... I expect I'll just be watching it all work perfectly... because I'm pretty damn certain we've found and fixed the problems... so this might mean I'll be sitting around for 5 hours with plenty of boring "me" time... haha... (This is me hoping like hell that nothing goes wrong!!)


in a mood? naw... just stressed with so much to doooooo....

Off I go (in a few mins) to the client office, hopefully, to watch their web site be perfect all night... Now the question is, will I be able to scoot through lj while I'm there... :D

See ya later skaters...

hmmm 7:00 pm

and all is well... although... this is directly related to the notion that it's 7:00 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT and medical students through out the land are drinking in bars, eating food, or performing physical examinations on unsuspecting people that were otherwise impressed with the handle "MedSchool" and NOT... I repeat... NOT sitting at a computer and working on this system...

System is bored and so am I... I'm gonna have to come back tomorrow when those self same students are doing the "oh my god, it's Sunday night... I better get this thing filled out" last minute thing that people who pay a bill labeled with "Tuition" are want to do!

boy this was a fun post... gaaaa... somebody shoot me.

I wonder if I can go home... :(


well not much but still... I'm home... no worries at the client site... but that doesn't mean much... the system wasn't being stressed.

I am not being stressed either... home, kids in the bath, soon to be in bed... then it's a short visit with Admiral Splif in the garage and WEST WING finally. :D