September 27th, 2002



So we did "adult CPR" not infant / child CPR... we did that before... and we have trama and bleeding on Saturday... (yeah, yeah... that's a ripe statement...) but whadevva... That, Friends, and Survivor made for a great evening... but now my eyes are buggy and it's sleep time...

Doctors appn't tomorrow morning so no work till noon. :D See ya in the morning.

night night...

alrighti then

K'mere... I got a little some'thin I'd like to try... pretty sure it's not gonna hurt... too much.
no really... ;)


~ black ftl's
~ blue jeans, and the orange stripe txt shirt.
~ a trip to the doc's office this morning to have her look at this big ugly, ouchi sty thing on my eyelid
~ then off to work...
~ writing a S5 update at some point...
~ watching the West Wing tape from Wednesday... (still haven't got there yet)
~ for the hand of fate to deal a sweet card to my friend debby and let her have this baby already!!!
~ the very happiest of days to my friend f0rg0t... she's getting married tomorrow... (I hope you've packed sugar).
~ that the wonderful people that do the wpw thing would remember the golden rule of mentioning the undergarments... Like Manford Man would say... that's where the fun is...
~ and a word to my friend moowazz.... yo! wanting the want to be strong enough to make him find the time and the way is damn straight and exactly right... keep wanting and don't drop your watermarks for anything...

and ok... I think I'll go play with Z or Ed for a while... :D

ps. It's freaking freezing outside... what the hell?


It's just me...
I'm the same person today I was last year...
the year before... and before... and before...

I'm just feeling a whole lot smarter and maybe more in control.

With your smile
Comes the sound
Of a hundred heart beats
Warming every last part of me.

(no reason... I'm just breaking up the work brain with the love'en brain for a bit...)

S5 Update!!!

Survivor V : Update

Bilbo Golfs!

Wherein the seeds of conflict are well and truly planted for the Sookies and the numb-skulls at Chewing Gum wander through life in their cave paradise. Someone gets wet, someone else gets lost, murder/suicide is discussed, there's a golf game, and Ghandi spends a little quality time considering a giant piece of meat.

Yo... it's only been five days... I eagerly await hardship of truly biblical proportions.

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Ok... first of all, I'm getting lj replies in my mail box from this morning... huh? it's like there's this weird intermittant delay on things...

second of all... Edward... I just finished the washing portion of the kids baths... Edward has more muscles in his ass cheeks than most people have on their whole bodies... when I try to wash his little tiny twin-loafs-of-bread ... well you'd think he was a menanite on his first visit to San Francisco!!

I shot a volly across the bow of a long lost ship today... but thats random...

Oh shit! I just remembered that I'm not supposed to be here... I'm ... we're supposed to be at my brothers b-day party ... fuck... ack... hmmm must now begin to consider my possible reasons... "I forgot" kinda sucks...

See ya later.