September 25th, 2002



//insta-rant on
I made a big mistake last night... I watched a dvd instead of goofing on the computer... that's not the mistake... the mistake was watching "Magnolia". OMFG I freaking hate cut-off-your-head-and-shit-down-your-neck-punk-ass-crap movies like that... Not a single admirable character in the entire movie... I kept yelling at the tv for whoever was onscreen to fucking die or be killed already... and what-the-fuck is with the god damned frogs? shit movie do not watch it... in fact, if you see in your local video store either tape a small brick of rare-earth to the side of the cassette or smash the dvd... blech!
//insta-rant off

ok... that's better.

Hola... how's it shake'en?

~ gray ftls...
~ beige p-z jeans...
~ gray T and a two tone blue long sleeve... (layer boy is still in-the-house!)... it's chilli in the morning...
~ dem big ass shoes... stomp stomp stomp.
~ on eating most of a box of tim-bits when coworker girl comes back from Tim Horton's with my coffee and yummies.
~ reconnecting the old vcr so I can tape BB3 and the TWO HOUR premier of West Wing tonight tonight...
~ work work work... plenty of writing to do today...
~ finding someone to drive me from work to my mechanics after work... I'm having the cookie sheet tightened. :D
~ er... um.. corto-werk cam's on all day... (yeah, ok... it always is...)
~ I could get a full on evening in working on a project at my computer (home) ... that video stuff... something always comes up...
~ to point out that simplyenchanted has a dern cute kid ... :D
~ to throw it all in the air and make wishes like crazy as it all flutters down... and every one of them is that ladyfire fulfills her hearts desire .... and makes it through the time between now and then.
~ and a big-up out to my friend xaheras... I don't know what it is sugar... but you have always managed to keep me smiling... I'm so happy I met you in this place... :D

Ok... no shit... but you know the vibrator setting on yer cell phone... ok... think car driver-corto... Gets in car, starts car, turns up radio and rocks his head for the ride home... but never hears the cell phone. So now it's; get in car, remove cell from clip and wedge between my legs, basically under my nutz, start car, turn up radio... and I never miss a call. :D

New FRIENDS tomorrow huh... hmmm "How you do'en?". :D
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    The Hussel! (fuck, I can't believe this is on... )

uh oh...

did you know it can cost over 250$$ to tighten up the cookie sheet under my car... FUCK!
I'm gonna leave it... crap. (It's some 6 ft long pipe with a rattle INSIDE it...)

that's it... see ya lj.


what a nice night...
I've got bb3 taping and west wing...
soon it will be time to lose myself in the big comfy sofa with Z and watch the tube.

The kiddies are a'bed although not quite asleep... they've been very tossy goofy at bedtime.
We bought a chincy cd boom box for their room... Enya is softly drifting from their room as I type.
They have a couple of lava lamps for night lights ($9 at wallyland).. the scene is pretty surreal with
the sparkles and floaty green blobs drifing around making slow moving shadows that are basically
dancing to Enya's hypnotic notes.

'come on sleep!

OH... so last night...

We're halfway through watching Magnolia (blech)
and rather engrossed by the absurdity of some point in the movie...
perhaps about 12:30 am.
I think I noticed a shadow move out the corner of my eye... I look... nothing.
A minute or so later, Edwards tiny little big head sort half pokes round a corner.
Ok, besides it looking very Kilroy-was-here-like it kinda made me jump!
Regardless... he is looking bright eyed and bushy tailed (at 12:30) and says quite clearly;
"You should get the pen off the shelf and put the pen away..."

We're staring at him...
almost incredulous...
waiting for the dawning of recognition...
It's hits me...
but it will never hit Z.
You see she's - I now realize - just a tad too short to ever see this.

You see Edward sleeps here...

(click it for a bigger pic... er... same goes for the rest of 'em)

From there, when he is lying down and facing towards the door...
He see's this...

And in that picture you can see a small something above the door to our bedroom...

Which just happens to be a pen... above the door trim edge...

This was a major big deal for him... not finding it... but that we put it away.

Ok... time for BB.