September 24th, 2002



Morn'en lj... ack... pain me with the busy brush please.

~ green haines bb's
~ kinda beige like dress pants...
~ a pail T and my fav v-neck txt sweater
~ oh gawd... one more day... off i fly in a few minutes to that client site again... today is DBA day... I got me a hired gun in my pocket... a freelance super-DBA dude to do a little sanity check on all the dba crap I've been doing for the last two weeks... :)
~ more writing... so much work its freaking crazy...
~ Tuesday night? Something is on tonight... I mean, besides Buffy? but I can't remember what it is...
~ you could understand (and I bet you do) how great it was to see the response to that post last night... it really warms my heart to find so much understanding and patience in a sea of such diverse friendships. You guys rock!!!
~ that all'ya'all have a great Tuesday... but especially...

Mimi - The Sugar Bowl In Hollywood

~ happy Birthday Mimi... (lothie)
I hope, as things change at a million miles an hour for you lately, that ... well the changes all work out for the best and that you are able to fill this next year with warm memories and the love of good friends.

Ok... I gotta skate... see ya.
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Ok ... I hop in the car to come back from client land and switch on the radio... the station is in the middle of giving something away.

"Ok Michelle... how many fingers?"
(kinda squeaky girl voice) um... FOUR!"
"Perfect... Yes... You are our winner... you got yourself a dinner for two at Tousons courtesy of The BEAR."
"(more squeaking) Yeah... oh thank you..."
"Hey Michelle... who fingers ya for more free stuff?"
"(squeak) The beaaaaar!"

And so I ask you... "four fingers"???? what exactly do ya think the question was?
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~ spaghetti... when I spoon a big blob of noodles onto the pasta bowl, I like to put a slice of evil processed cheese (velveta is best) ontop before I spoon on the homemade delicious spag-sauce.

~ I took the boys to a big football field behind the new high school after dinner to fly the "air hog"... this is fantastic fun, btw, and a good run-around-a-lot way to kill an hour with the boys... :D

~ gonna work on some video stuff tonight...

~ I got one of these on the weekend... it's so freaking much better than the hitachi piece of crap that I cannot believe I suffered with the hitachi for so long!! (sony makes wonderful toys...)

~ it's time to go read bedtime stories to Geo... well, he reads one short story, we look and find stuff in an eye-spy book then I read a chapter of whatever is on deck... we're starting a new book tonight... we've put the Harry Potter book four aside... we're pretty sure these books are the stuff of nightmares... so it's time for something a bit more lighthearted... :)

See ya later lj.

ps. geez, today has been a really great day. :D