September 22nd, 2002



Just re-attaching my head... lol.

Don't mind me... I'm not really awake yet.

~ house coat... ta da...
~ shower...
~ actual clothes...
~ finishing up a BB3 update (Yes bloo I'm writing it up...)
~ to go to a sterio shop and deal with the fact that my DVD player is freaking toast... just dead... bastard.
~ a later but none-the-less heart felt Happy Birthday Sophi to my friend moonmama. I hope this is a wonderful year for you sugar.
~ I get time to write an introspective post later today about friends lists and stuff... gotta get some cob webs cleared up.

Ok... so I have this car problem... you see... well, You know that cookie sheet that's attached to buttom of th car? The one with the big nuts holding it on? Yeah, that one... a couple of the nuts must have fallen out and now, when I give'er with the gas peddle, that darn cookie sheet just starts to make this awful rattling sound... then it goes away... but comes back again. I mean why do they have to put cookie sheets under cars anyways?

er... well, that's what it sounds like ...

I spent a few minutes clicking "random" last night ... um, random journals... it was interesting...

BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Black Chicks

After all this time... but I'll wait till below the cut tag. Tonight was the second to last show... and it was all about finishing the three-part Head Girl competition and making the final cut.

Let it widely known that I have a quarter burning a hole in my pocket ready to give to the first person that will kindly tie Julie Chen down and ram several orders of French-fries down her throat... anything... just please act now before freaking turns inside out.

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Just about to head out and buy the new DVD player...

Before I go...

Big Thank You... out to my friend pasticcio... those are kind words indeed Angela and I appreciate that a great deal.

oh, and here is the pic of Edwards Art Attack from yesterday... :D

ya can't see it too well but it's lots of splatter and speckle stuff.. :D

See ya.

and again

another long day... :D

it's amazingly "blustery" outside right now... dark, high blanket of clouds, a moon bright behind them and low fast-moving darker clouds... something-wicked-this-way-comes... ya dig?

Our neighbors brought over a bowl of grapes in little stem clumps picked from the grape vine they started two summers ago in their backyard... they are sour as all hell and - of course - seeds... So I washed 'em up, got rid of the stems and dumped 'em in a sauce pan and turned up the heat... With a potato masher, I squished those little slippery bastards up but good... then, after 3 minutes on the heat, I dumped 'em back in the bowl and from the bowl into a tight strainer over the pan again... After a couple of minutes of scraping around with a spoon I had this really purple clear liquid in the pan, about 1 1/2 cups. Add 1 cup of white sugar. boil boil boil boil simmer simmer simmer simmer... with plenty of stirring. It turned to an amazing single small jar of grape jelly. No certo so it's never going to really gel hard but it's not going to last that long... it's absolutely delicious.

I feel like I'm forgetting something...

This will be another crazy week... well the beginning will be... tomorrow is right back to that client site and finish up lose ends.

any ways, g'night lj... I'm tired. Can't hardly think proper like... :)