September 19th, 2002


Poll answers...

You know when you walk through a cob web somewhere... in the basement, outside... where ever... Do you get the worry that at the other end of that thread was a spider that is now furiously scrambling to clime onto you. ick.

So I had a moment to consider some answers to that poll... :D

Here they all are ... and I'm try'en to decide if I sould 'cut tag the text...

canuckgirl: perhaps in an emotional sense, but it doesn't compute the same way.
sickboy: complicated! sometimes there is an amazing person behind it with real foresight that has our best interests at heart, other times it's kinda obvious that a vacuous personality is just jonesing to regain the spotlight.
drsuessrox: Met in July of a summer, moved in together that fall, married 5 years later. That was 10 years ago. It was a cliché small chapel wedding, with all the fixens.
simplyenchanted: I read you religiously when your in focus... most of my reading of lj is off line - printed up stacks of friends pages. (see gliterybuterfly: comment above)
willedit: lower lower lower back, right at the top of the butt... easy answer... I've felt that way as long as I can remember thinking about women.
knightsdawn: We were both summer student employee's at a Canada Student Employment Office.
summerspirit: To use up an amazing amount of time.
mewsnack: In Ottawa... lived here all my life (ottawa, ontario, canada).
circlek: I don't know if there ever was one... just a complication with a friendship that closes some doors. It always gets the better of me emotionally.
txgirlie: See gliterybuterfly and simplyenchanted above... and yes...
winged_emotion: because I needed some psychological reinforcement of my connections with lj friends.
inspectorjury: sometimes I think it's animatronic.
ladyfire: yes, but I'm super happy about what your up to although I don't envy you the expected pain that it involves.
hakuai: more than would admit... I know I do.
alcestis: That'll do. :D
luker: The right one.
pookfreak: the "willing assistant" part is key...
towanda: that my ability to earn an income will vanish.
jjoanne: only in so far as I totally grok the story behind the lyrics, but not so much personally.
hazelieyedcutie: You know, I've been filtered out of almost all of it because of how I obviously feel about you.
moonmama: yes...
debby: well I have a point of view on that and I think both can play an inspiring role.
sparklegrrl: plenty! and sugar-snaps... you better know it!
jadeh: It's in the e-mail. :D
tarpo: several ... but I honestly don't know why... and I'll not say. :D
xulong: your back pocket????
ebean: If I could, I'd do survivor ... but BB would make me wingy.
dallandra: academic: astronomy course, personal: finding my interest in writing, sitting in study lounges and "not studying" by writing.
redheadevilchiq: when I get back to my regular office from this contract... (next week)
lanefuller: I grok you outright. But, read my bio page, I want a note from anyone interested (so I can capture their email header address and ip address for stats tracking and covering my cyber bum... :D - It's also nice to get the note, as I always give one to others when I want to add 'em.)
edmcbride: why yes, I do like the shape of your bum.
ajose: scary sometimes, and as you no doubt understand, often more joyful than I ever imagined.
ldygwynedd: because you let me. (that's also my fav line from the movie "The Breakfast Club").
no1topaz: under a tree in a public park, in the daytime, in the rain.
gliterybuterfly: no... no way. I filter out all the communities and save them for a rainy day, and then I kinda grab handfuls to follow for a few days then rotate.
teaser: not really... but sorta.
roccoprincess: kitiara
xaheras: just 'cause.
notcharming: Ottawa... it's unusually beautiful in the summer and I'm here.
misskris: nope... ~snif
sandcat: (just to be diff from my answer to knightsdawn... We worked for the same org but in dif offices and our jobs required us to call one another constantly over the course of a work day... (it was a student employment office). We became phone friends and then I transfered for a totally seperate reason to the office she worked at... then... as they say... history.

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ok ok ok... I said I was going to be... I lied... but I am now... however...

Ever had a total sneezing fit... I've sneezed like 18 times in the last 20 minutes... driving me nuts.

Oh and lj comments aren't being forwarded...


So tonight is the big night!!!! It's time for a new Survivor - wohoooooo...
I have to remember to re-link the survivor communities into my default view. :D

Valium... I think valium is the answer... but do I have valium? No, I have the
polar opposite... I have little balls of chocolate covering delicious espresso beans....
um... I have LOTS of these little hits of crack... and can I get any relaxation?
NAHHHH! what for when I can bounce all over the place all day. :D

~ gray ftls
~ beige point-zero jeans
~ bear claw beltbuckle belt... hey, it's an indian aritifact my ma gave me...
~ white company T and a long sleeve p-z shirt...
~ dem big ass shoes
~ fly away to a client site in mere moments...
~ print up a shit load of lj friends pages...
~ write up a BB3 update from last night...
~ watch Survivor and BB tonight... :D
~ I knew how all y'all were doing ....
~ I was even a little bit less busy today than I actually am... ga!

Ok... I wish I had more time... but I gotta get... see ya later.

Remember the poll I did here? (the "ask me anything" poll)
well, round one of the answers are here... :D
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BB3 Update!!!

BB3 Update: A Boy and His Bitches

Well Jason is finally starting to get a clue.... let alone becoming the object of serious cock teasing - Just call him Morning Wood Man! Everybody surfs, Amy discovers how to toss her cookies off a boat, and the gang leans how to eat ribs. We're definitely winding down in the BB house. Just about time for some last minute back-stabbing.

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