September 18th, 2002



Nothing scary about that pic ... I was in a rush...
making faces at the cam and broke out laughing...
and ran out of time all at once... :D

Ok... so who's gonna dress in a zippered crush velvet body suit and rub themselves up against me?
I'll make it worth your while... grrrrrowl!!!!

~ gray ftls
~ black... well, treacle, brushed cotton jeans...
~ black hounds tooth pattern golf shirt with a p-z sweater... (layers!)
~ ga! off again in a few minutes to go back to the client site...
~ more oracle today and compiling apache with a bunch of openssl and linking tomcat...(geek zone)
~ to convince my client that we should push a schedule ahead by an hour so I can do my damdest to get to "meet the teacher" night at my kids school.
~ BB3 tonight!!!
~ to find some way to get me a little norris... you know a little norris on the beach... :)
~ hmm... well, I read something 'bout Kymmi having a secret... so I guess I'm wishing I knew what that was eh nbbmom!!! :D
~ and kym? good luck today ... you sure have been working hard on this... I hope it pays off.
~ for everything to be ok with my friend debby and he oh-so-preggers self. Did yer water break or not?
~ you knew just how adorable krizsa is... I mean, how adorable sugar-kriz is... :D
~ good vibes and safe box moving!!! to my friend kaylee... (I just despise moving... I feel for ya sugar)
~ big buckets of Welcome Home (what? two days late) to Kimberly (kimberly27616)... who I called "Kim" on the phone the other day only to hear her finish for me with "Berly" which sounded really cute btw. I miss ya sweets and I'm in the land of no msn with this client deal... (sniff!)
~ that my truely special friend kitykity is lock with the notion that she is right and he is wrong... what a whiney, soaking, sniveling, pile of... No really, I read that ... I read it all and I felt like I needed to wash my hands afterwards...
~ pssst. sunnlight you have gorgeous hair! :D
~ that things are ok with my friend ebean ... and that you're enjoying your time with Olivia.
Ok... I'm seeing this everywhere...
and I even try to play when time lets me...
Now it's your turn... if you wanna...

Poll #61017 askme

Ask me anything... I'll answer

(optional) Tell me a secret... I need entertaining!!

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Ok... that's it for me... I'm off to a client site.

ps. oooooooooo.. I'm loving the poll results... and I will answer ... :)



(long... looooooong day.)

I'll get to those poll-questions after I get the kiddies to bed. :D

ps. what's the problem? nobody owns crushed velvet?

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ok... this is getting stooooopid! 300 posts back to get from now to this morning... no really... shut-up! already... lol... :D

(you know I'm kidding right?)