September 17th, 2002



I am the guy that slept 11 hours last night...

k'mere... kiss me... ya know you wanna... bwaahahahaha....
(yes... a week or horrid pictures... sue me... :D)
Edit: oh and if that picture is tooo painful, a normal Tuesday pic is here... :D

After posting my little rant about that freak nazi at the Beaver session last night, I got into putting the boys to bed... started the fourth Harry Potter book... and then went to just rest-for-a-minute... ha!!! Woke up at 2:00... All of us... Z, Edward, George, and myself all snuggled in our king size bed. ha... I got up, ran around the house turning out lights, turning off an untouched pot of coffee and then climbed back in bed. Slept till 7:00. Man I needed that HUGE!!

~ gray ftl's
~ beige point-zero (p-z) jeans
~ b.u.m. equip t-shirt and a TXT v-neck sweater... (*it's cool out now but it's s'posed to warm up... dress in layers white boy)
~ me? now? quick hit for a couple of meetings at the office... then?
~ back to the client site for the rest of the day... it's most bizarre to be this seriously out of date with Lj... I so hope you are all well... :)
~ tonight? I dunno... but I'm sooo awake it's scary...
~ that I get to talk to a sweet girl... bardiva really soon... or I might just explode. :D
~ I get time to make the birthday wish that lives in my heart for someone special today.
~ that the gods would come down to earth and bend things around a bit for my friend lizvang who so seriously deserves a break... I hope you luck turns around sugar-bits.
~ happy anniversary to my friend knightsdawn and your darl'en sweety... (3 more and you'll be in the club!)
~ a great glorious get-well soon wish out to my friend tendertouch
~ !!! a welcome to a new friend... xavierism we've crossed paths so many times... no idea why we haven't been together longer. :D Hi Xav!!
~ 12 days until Maggie’s wedding... I'm actually excited for you there sugar drsuessrox... I hope you don't go nutz on the run-up to the event! (giggle)
~ ... and I just wanted to send out big hugs and more hugs and more hugs to moowazz... because she is just too precious for words.

Oh... and go here... It's a recent post in jacqui's journal... it's just totally priceless. :D (no really, cat pictures... go look)

Listen, ladies... you dressed him for a night on the town when you were dating... you told him that you liked his hair long... or short (whatever) ... you reminded him to wash his face... and you've loved him for ages... right? So why the hell would you let him wear a pale blue golf shirt tucked into hiked up pale blue dress shorts with beige sox and black shoes!!!!!! My god... when I see a dad walking along dressed in that "Oh today is Blue clothes day, or *gasp* Green clothes day or whatever... I just want to scream... and the shoes? bleeding, calloused bare feet are better than beige sox and dress shoes with shorts... Just because he turned 40 or whatever... it's no excuse to let him start dressing like a patient at a Sleepy Meadows Mental Health Care Facility.

Ok... gotta go and be a worker bee... see ya.
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hmm a birthday note.

When a woman who can open the door to magic...
... blesses you with her friendship, you count yourself lucky.

If a spirit that will not give up...
... lends her strength to your trials, you magically begin to find your way.

That one heart can endure so much...
... and still find room for loving you, you learn invaluable lessons.

When I started playing in Lj... I met an angel.

Today is her birthday. I will quietly remind myself of my good fortune as I celebrate her special day.

Happy Birthday Kristy (kristylicious). May your strength carry you on yet again to a year of discovery and achievement. I can only hope to hold a small piece of the spirit that lives within you as I walk through my life. Thank you for your friendship.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Kristy... Happy Birthday to you.