September 12th, 2002



Man... today has all the earmarks* of being a fucking great day!!!! wohoo... I just got in my toes... (uh oh... I got happy feet). And I haven't even hit the crack yet.

~ ok, look it's cold!!!!
~ gray ftls,
~ swish swish cargo pants... (which, btw, are not that warm...)
~ company t-shirt hiding under a nice warm long sleeve comfy shirt... (a la picture!)
~ dem big ass shoes.
~ well it's finally time for another BB3 episode tonight... so yea, tape'en and watchen and writing about that tonight.
~ wrapping a little package for this groovy guy (Keith) that gets to snuggle with kimberly27616 whenever he wants!!! (*lucky duck)
~ eat crack
~ write a exec summary of a proposal for some ginormous client.
~ um... cam... you know my cam's on all the time right... work rest and play, although there'll be very little dancing naked (at work! :D)
~ you could have seen me laughing when I read "otherwise i'm gonna think you're some weirdo who wants to look at my jumblies." in baybabayba's journal... (got a few stares from coworkers).
~ to send out a welcome to two new friends... Hiya Lulu ! :D and Hola to pasticcio.
~ to thank fairiedust66 for the pictures she posted yesterday... I love LOVE seeing my lj friends. :D
~ that my friend mewsnack gets to post just as much TMI as she likes!!! TMI makes this place go around sugar... hell yea!!
~ to offer my hopes and concern for sandcat's mommy ... I hope the bone marrow deal goes well sweets...
~ and to say, even though you're sure it's all gonna be good, I will say a wee little extra prayer for your hubby man laciann.
~ I had a spare sewing kit to send to Estonia... so dallandra will be well stocked up next time she needs to sew herself up!!!
~ that my precious friend canuckgirl feels better pronto!!
~ and finally that it's just great to hear you are getting the chance to go out and enjoy yourself Amy!!! (topazgrrl)

I think I would prol'y explode without being able to love so much so often and so hard... and don't make any viagra jokes... I mean that most sincerely. You guys just totally twist all my dials!!

*earmarks... don't I wish!

ps. No, really, I have happy feet... and mix that with "dem big ass shoes" and headphones at my desk... hahaha... coworkers are giving me that "shut up" look ... hahahaha... :D
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Tired... struggling to not head-bonk the monitor... too WAY TOO much writing today...

To the rescue? Why the girls in the proposal center (here at work) ...
I stopped there to get a draft report and they gave me a cherry blossom.
Now, if you don't know what a cherry blossom is...
lemmi tell ya...
when you wrap your lips around it
and pull away a sweet mouth full
you reveal a creamy, oozing, dripping cherry
that is just begging for your tongue to scoop it out...
to lap it up...
Your whole being imbibes pleasure
from the moment your tongue reaches in
and wraps around the sweetness...
so sweet your teeth hurt just looking at it.

Cherry Blossom!

yeah baybeee....

Oh, and the finger icon is for baybabayba on bird-flippen day...
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~ evening... kids finally a'bed... they're pushing our/their limits with getting up, down, up, down, up... etc.
~ bb3 is taping... :)
~ my brother is coming for a quick visit...
~ then it's bb3 time. (finally!)

~ it's a half moon... and there's a little something in the air... well, in the cyber air. Kind of a playful thing going on in dif pockets of lj.

It's kind of neat... I know I have a lot of friends and in some ways this is a bad thing but only because it's hard to keep up... and, although I get loads of comments about how shallow or whatever, having so many friends is, I think those opinions are all wet... (this is where I'd say "bite me"). What's neat about all this is the extent of the friends non-connect. I have a lot of friends that I almost have no other friends in common with... they're journal experience is completely different than yours... if you know what I mean. bah... this is too hard to explain, I hardly know what I mean... how can you? Any ways, it's kinda cool to see attitudes move across journal like one of those standing-wave things from a hockey game. Ok, I'm rambling... stop!

I think I'll go play with Premiere again for a while... see ya.