September 9th, 2002


somebody start scream'en!!

Hola muchachos et muchachas!!! it's a crazy beautiful day - but, alas*, it's gonna be a hot steamy one...
You'd think it was the middle of July!

When was the last time you... No, never mind... I'll save that for later. :D

~ gray ftls
~ not white sox!! **
~ beige p-z jeans... a touch too long but eh...
~ company logo emblazoned golf shirt...
~ way comfy hush puppy shoes.
~ documentation...
~ kicking a ball off it's tether and getting a move on with a performance testing client...
~ reading a crap load of bb3 LF stuff...
~ to send out some friendly I-hope-you-don't-forget-how-much-your-friends-love-you vibes to lizvang and she deals with lifes little complexities.
~ that I absolutely never ever end up on the shitty end of a stick that has baybabayba holding the other end... :)
~ to point out that eiffelgirl is not only wonderfully sweet... she is sugar.
~ a very very Happy Birthday to bardiva... Steph is a MPP!! (most precious person) for me in lj land. She will most likely never really know the ways in which she affects the people that love her (in that appropriate kinda journal land way) but I sure do wish that someday I get to say happy birthday to her in person. I hope you have a year marked with new beginings and that when you move past this year you will look back with great happiness at the success's the year gave to you.

I'm kinda jonesing for the show ALIAS to premier... :D

* I got to say "alas"... any excuse... snarf.

** white sox... er... dorky white sox... I so do not want Ange to see my all-too-frequently-worn dorky-white sox.
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ug... die monday die.

ok... today has been all about cleaning up the mess that the freaking gremlins made in one of our lab systems over the weekend... too busy for school... er, ok that's too cool for school... never mind. Bottom line? ICK! If it weren't for the fresh crack I dunno how I'd have managed. :D

Do you know this song? You should... it's an amazing sarcastic / caustic lament set beautifully to music and her voice just fucking kicks ass.

"If I was beautiful like you... I'd be quick to assume... they'd do anything to please me... "

Relationships here... more than anywhere else have to be built on trust. With out it... you really have almost nothing besides the superficial anonymity of a baseball cap in a crowd... Your esthetic is your only tender... plays out with ego's and icons and nothing matters.

With trust... comes the chance to love and be loved in return for the smallest bit of invested effort.

Play nice... it all works so much better that way.

You have no idea how much I care. I can love you ... because you let me. This simply cannot be a bad thing.

La8r Sk8rs.
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