September 8th, 2002



(head bouncing off monitor)

um... yup, i'mma little bit tired... yahuh...

For some obscure reason I stayed up till 3:00 watching Pulp Fiction while z slept across me on the sofa... Not sure why I did this, but it felt like a good idea at the time. :D

I had a really great day yesterday... very self indulgent, shopping, cooking, baking and having a great, huge (and delicious) dinner is kinda like a religious exp for me. Dessert recipe was kinda invented on the spot... I'll include it below in a cut tag. It's way yummi. Oh, and there were an amazing display of Northern Lights last night... amazing in that they were so visiable from our front yard, so they must have been incredible from a remote area. When we brought the kids outside to watch - as my bro was getting ready to go home with his gf and son - we found the street littered with neighbors doing the same thing.

~ air conditioning wake-up clothes... sweat shirt and sweat pants... it's a hot one out there... we turned the A/C back on yesterday against the it's kinda cool in here. :d
~ oh... shower... definately a long hot steamy relaxing shower...
~ and otherwise... no plans whatsoever. :D
~ to send out a big congratulations wish to my friend rini... back from a trip with a ring on her finger... I'm very very happy for you Rini.

Hey... Happy - just a wee bit late - Birthday Dawn...

Yesterday was cablondi's birthday... She turned 24 and instantly became even more of a godess... (~wink~).
I hope you have a wonderful year sugar-Dawn and that you find yourself saving memory after memory of new friendships made and old ones rekindled. :D

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sheesh... there's an epidemic of b-day's going on...

Happy Birthday Heather

My friend, ebean is having a birthday today... she and her little girl (Olivia) live on Prince Edward Island on Canada's east coast... in a place you would only imagine existed in story books...

Happy Birthday sweetie... you've been a wonderful friend and I am looking forward to holding onto this friendship for years to come. I hope you have a year marked by new beginings... and if the gods are smiling on you... maybe you'll receive some of that support he owes ya! :D

Be well little sugar bean, and Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Heather... Happy Birthday to you!

it's been

a perfect weekend.

now for another kick at the premier learning curve.
~ I tried on some of the books on Adobe Premier at a book store today.
~ they were all depressing because they talked about the newer version (v.6.x) than the one I use... so I didn't buy a book. :D
~ I just launched Premier and realized I have version 6.02 and had to do a Homer Head Thump. (d'oh)

You know those Mr. Christie cookies...
They come in little two-packs you zap in the mwave for 10 seconds before chow time?
All packed with melting chunks of white and dark choco?
Ok... yum! (no... really. hard core serious yum!)

It's nice when life is so busy you can hardly find time for Lj...
But boy... do I get behind fast! :D
You know I think someone bailed a while ago because I didn't reply to an e-card or something...
S'up to you ... always is.

Oh yeah, and, btw...
I walked 47 miles of barbed wire.
Used a cobra snake for a neck tie.

I'm just say'en...
who do you love?